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Easy Pro Funnels Review - EZ Pro Funnels Guide

In this article, I want to give you a very quick walk through the Easy Pro Funnels system.

Easy pro funnels main page overview
If we look at this page, this is one of the affiliate centers. We can promote affiliate products from jvzoo, from warrior plus or Clickbank. Of course, we want to create some kind of sales funnel, giveaways, etc to be able to increase our chances of making those sales and make everything nice and easy.
Let's go back to the beginning, let's look first of all at free offers. If I go in look at creating free products and bonuses.

On this page, I can actually add any free products I want. But of course, the system comes with hundreds of free products already. We can just look at the category, it's just for the internet marketing and we can see there's a number of products already in the system.

Easy pro funnels internet and marketing offers As I said you can put your own products in there. They'll all be added to this list. I'm going to …