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3X Your Sales Without More Customers

By Welly Mulia |

Welcome Experts, Coaches, And Entrepreneurs Selling Digital Products...

How To 3X Your Sales Using These “James Bond Banzai Chop” Techniques Only The Top 5% Secretly Know… Even If You Can’t Get New Customers!

From : Welly Mulia

You might have heard of me as the relentless and "perfectionist" software entrepreneur who continues to add value to his customers by adding profit-getting features after profit-getting features every single month.

Like what these users are saying...

Richard Legg
London, UK

The owners are constantly improving the platform, and adding new features, based on what customers are asking for.

Russell Hall
Chiangmai, Thailand

I really trust Zaxaa and know that its owner Welly Mulia is a man of integrity who stands by his product and highly values his customers and members.

Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson
Nevada, USA

The Owners Of Zaxaa Have Really Listened And Taken Action On Some Of Our Feedback Over The years To Make The Platform Even Better

Gavin McCoy
Atlanta, USA

As a previous purchaser and very satisfied user of both Profits Theme and Premium List Magnet, I already knew I could rely on the excellence of Welly's previous products.

After spending the last 5 years working closely with experts, coaches and entrepreneurs selling digital products, most have 1 or more of these problems:

  • Tough to increase sales
  • Difficult to get new customers/clients consistently
  • No team members to help grow sales

When it comes to multiplying your sales, there are 4 misconceptions that hold them back from achieving the success they so desire:

Misconception #1 - You need more customers to get more sales

Misconception #2 - You can’t make money if people decline your offer

Misconception #3 - You need a sales page to get sales

Misconception #4 - You need a team to increase sales

Let’s talk about each of these…

Misconception #1 - You Need More Customers To Get More Sales

Let me show you 3 ways how you can get more sales without more customers...

Method 1

On your Checkout page, present other relevant offers before people even pay for your product / initial offer.

Your initial offer is an ebook that costs $50.

On your checkout page, people can also get:

  • The audio version for an additional $25 or
  • The printed physical book for an additional $100 or
  • Both

It’s the logical thing to offer. Some people want to listen while they’re on the go (stuck in traffic, in the gym). Others might be old-school and want to read the book with their hands. A minority might want both.

30 people click the buy button and land on your checkout page. Out of these 30 people:

  • 9 took up your audio offer
  • 3 took up your physical book offer
  • 1 took up both offers

30 ebooks = 30 x $50 = $1500

9 audio = 9 x $25 = $225

3 physical books = 3 x $100 = $300

1 audio + physical = $125

Total = $2150

If you’re like most people, you will only try sell the ebook for $1500 and nothing else. That’s flushing $650 down the drain every single month.

Result of using this strategy: You increase sales by 43% without more customers

4 Misconceptions That Kill Your Sales

By Welly Mulia |

Especially For Experts, Coaches, And Entrepreneurs Selling Digital Products...

Discover The 4 Misconceptions That Are Killing Your Sales Every Single Minute (Thereby Bleeding Your Cash)… And How To Recoup Every Penny Back, PLUS
Grow Your Sales!

Knowing these 4 misconceptions will allow you to discover:

  • The #1 mistake even pro experts, coaches, and digital product creators make that kill their income… and how to use a simple, easy “adjustment” that will instantly grow your sales! (Imagine consistently earning more money than you can spend.)
  • Why “beginners” are able to use this weird technique to quickly surpass more experienced people… even if they don’t have any previous experience! (In fact, the less you understand what the “experts” try to tell you, the faster you’ll be on your way to getting sales you only dream about before.)
  • ​Amazing trick that that instantly eliminates the need for a sales page to get sales! (Used only by the most daring and successful entrepreneurs in the world…)
  • They laughed when I tell them they don’t need a team to skyrocket their sales, but when I started to show them how...

Click the button below now to uncover all the above

Welly Mulia

CEO & Co-Founder, Zaxaa

I help entrepreneurs multiply their online sales

Check Your Email

By Welly Mulia |

Thank You. You've Made A Wise Decision. Check Your Email Now To Discover The 4 Misconceptions

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From: Welly Mulia

Subject: 4 misconceptions that kill your sales

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Zaxaa Premium Trial

By Welly Mulia |

Okay, maybe $49.95/month is too much for you right now… since you don’t know if Zaxaa is for you or not.

How about if I make you a better offer?

I’ll let you join Zaxaa for FREE for your first month.

That’ll will give you enough time to test drive the platform. Use it to easily and quickly set-up your products and upsells / one-time-offers, take credit card payments, automatically deliver products to customers, and create fully-protected members area / membership sites.

After the first free month, the fee is only $49.95/month. You still get to enjoy the 35% discount every month. Others pay $77/month, while you only pay $49.95/month.

Hushhh… please keep this to yourself okay…because it is ONLY available to buyers of  “Beginners Quick & Easy Guide To An Info Products Empire”.

Click the button below to get instant access to Zaxaa Premium Automation:

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Zaxaa Premium

By Welly Mulia |

Congrats! You’ve made a wise decision in purchasing the “Beginners Quick & Easy Guide To An Info Products Empire” course.

Soon you’ll be creating and selling your own small reports quickly, and eventually spiral them into large courses that sell for $197, $297, $497, and even $997 per order.

You have everything you need to start creating your products.  

Now let’s talk about how to set-up your new online profit centers including simple web pages, taking orders, processing cards, delivering digital products, handling membership sites, and so much more.

One easy-to-use software tool can handle everything above… and is trusted by members to process over a million dollars in volume per month.


Imagine having an automated system in place that processes orders, automatically upgrades customers, delivers your products, and even tracks affiliates promoting your products for you:

  • Setup simple web pages that explain what your products can do for customers

    Before people purchase your products, they first need to understand what they get and how much they have to pay. You explain these on your web pages.

    Without a web page, they have no idea what your product is about… which translates to zero sales.  Now you create web pages fast with our simple web page creator.
  • Process orders (taking credit card payments) via payment processors like PayPal (and other available options)

    Now that you have your web pages set up and ready, the next step is to set up your web pages to integrate with PayPal (or other available options). Your customers can pay using credit cards from anywhere in the world automatically.
  • Automatically deliver your products to customers

    After customers buy your products, your products can be automatically delivered to them. It all happens whether you’re sleeping, spending time with your family, or away on a vacation.  Your products keep right on selling and their purchases are delivered immediately and automatically. Everyone is happy!
    Happy customers = more repeat purchases = more profits for you!
  • Add upsells to earn more money from every customer

    This means IMMEDIATELY offering a customer who has just purchased your product other related products. This is also known as an upsell / one-time-offer. A percentage of customers will add these to their order, earning you more money.  This is built right into the system and it’s easy to use.
  • Create fully protected members area / membership sites

    When you’re selling larger courses, you could create a members area where customers can login to access their course. The course could be divided into chapters/lessons (e.g. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, etc).

    This is important because it gives your product/course a higher perceived value and allows you to charge more money…or even set-up monthly recurring billing for long-term profits.
  • Recruit affiliates to help sell your products

    Instead of promoting your products all alone on your own, you can recruit affiliates who already have your buyers on their list to help promote your products. You give them a percentage of the money they make.

    E.g. John managed to sell 5 copies of your product @ $100. If you give 50% commissions (remember these are digital products… which means your profit margin is close to 100%), his commissions are 5 x $100 x 50% = $250; and your profits are $250.

    They did the work of generating customers and your automatic system did all the processing and product delivery.  This is as close to passive income as humanly possible.
  • And this is only a small list of all the features you’ll soon have access to with our fully integrated software solution designed specifically for digital product creators just like you.   

There are 3 ways you can accomplish all of the above:

  1. Learn coding / programming yourself so that you can come up with a software that do all these things for you.  I paid programmers for several years to put together the system that I now personally use…which I’m offering access to you today (yes, you’ll be using the exact same system I personally tested and use).

  2. Cobble together a system from half a dozen different tools from different vendors.  This can be done and it is how many people ran their systems in the  past, but it can be confusing and often the tools don’t integrate well together.

  3. You can simply plug-n-play into an already proven software that is already being used by thousands of other digital product creators like you, who collectively process 7 figures in sales revenue every single month. This software is none other than Zaxaa, which I co-founded and created since 2011.

Unless you’re a programmer, I recommend option #3.

Even if you are a programmer, you’ll also save yourself countless frustrations and time by simply plugging into software already proven by thousands of others.

My team and I first developed Zaxaa in 2011 and my team of full-time programmers come into the office every day to maintain, improve, and enhance the platform (so that it gets better and better every day).

But don’t take my word for it. Here are just a FEW of what our users are saying:


You can see tons more user reviews here.

Unless you’re willing to spend YEARS and have a team of full-time members working with you, you can forget about coding your own software.

Plug-in to a proven system today so you concentrate on creating the info products/reports and selling them…while we handle the technical side for you.  

Here’s where the news gets super-exciting. 

As a buyer of “Beginners Quick & Easy Guide To An Info Products Empire”, YOU can receive  an exclusive 35% discount.


The regular retail price for Zaxaa Premium Automation as you can see on the pricing page is $77/month (don’t buy it there). Your price is only $49.95/month if you buy it through this very page.

You’ll be locked-in at this low rate.  If you act now, you will save 35% ($32.05) each and every month, not just the first month.

Click the button below to grab your “customers-only” discount:


There’s ZERO risk to you whatsoever.  If you decide the software is not for you for any reason, simply contact my support team and let us know, and you’ll receive a FULL refund anytime in the next 30 days.  

Login, try it out, and see how it makes everything you do online easier.  Plus lock-in your low monthly rate of $49.95/month by taking action now.

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273 Ideas For Your Next Info Product – Check Email

By Welly Mulia |

Thank you. Please check your email for the download link to your 273 Red Hot Ideas.

The email will be as follows…

Welly Mulia

ATTENTION: Download 273 red hot ideas here

Note: If, after 5 minutes, you still haven’t receive it in your inbox, please also check your spam/bulk folder. If you’re using gmail, please also check your “promotions” tab, like this:


273 Ideas For Your Next Info Product

By Welly Mulia |

273 Red Hot Ideas For Your Next Best Selling Info Product


Discover 50 different categories for your next Best Selling Info Products, along with 273 unique different title ideas you can use immediately… or simply templates for your own use in generating winning ideas.


By mixing and matching from this one-of-a-kind index (you won’t find anything like this available anywhere else for any fee), you’ll be able to easily and quickly choose red-hot ideas in just minutes anytime you want without complicated and time-consuming research!


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Zaxaa Sales Funnel Shopping Cart Demo Webinar

By Welly Mulia |


Easily & Quickly Sell Your Products Online For More Sales By Becoming A Pro Zaxaa User In Just 30 Minutes


Welly Mulia
CEO, Zaxaa

In this short 30-minute live webinar, you'll discover how to easily and quickly:

  1. Go from a Beginner who knows nothing about Zaxaa to a Pro
  2. Set-up a simple sales page
  3. Set-up a single product for sale
  4. Set-up upsells/one-time-offers (sales funnels)
  5. Set-up an affiliate program so that affiliates can help sell your product
  6. Automatically build your customer list so that you can offer them other products
  7. Automatically deliver your product to customers
  8. Plus I’ll be answering any questions you have at the end (Q & A session)

25 February


7:00 PM Eastern



Limited seats are on a first-come, first-served basis as they are limited by the system we're using (GotoWebinar) -- who limits us to 100 attendees only. So make sure you secure your spot now by clicking the button below:

Beginners Info Product Empire

By Welly Mulia |

Download 273 Ideas For Your Next Best-Selling Info Product

Before you go, check out this Beginner Friendly training program…

A Step-By-Step “Beginner Friendly” Training Program For Making Money Online With Easy Information Products

If You Can Create Simple 7 to 15 Page Reports, You Too Can Convert Them Into Products Worth $10, $37, $97, $297, or Even $997 Per Order (You Could Even Hire Someone Else to Write the Reports for You)!


Getting started online can be overwhelming.  

I know, because that’s what I experienced 10 years ago when I first came online with no more than a dream of making money online.

It seemed like everyone had a plan or a system for profiting online, but it was all so

With so many information to absorb and conflicting advice as to what you should do to make money online, it’s no wonder most people don’t know where to start and end up not starting at all.

Most internet gurus tell you to make money online using complicated product launch formulas that take months to prepare and set-up, buy their hyped-up course on the latest fad and loophole, and bombard your list with aggressive sales pitches after sales pitches every single day.

Luckily, you don’t need any of that.

You can get started with simple to create 7 to 15 page reports.  And you can spiral these small reports into an Information Publishing Empire that includes monthly membership sites, big-ticket classes, licensing deals, and more!

Create a 7-15 page report on an 'in-demand' subject. Create additional 7-15 page RELATED reports. Bundle reports into different types of packages.

Everything starts with writing reports no longer than 15 pages at a time.

Ultimately these reports are converted into chapters, courses, curriculum, and classes.

Let’s be clear about one thing…

I’m not talking about writing a book that sells at bookstores. Nor self-publishing a manual through direct mail. Nor creating a full-length information product. Nor even writing a 50-75 page eBook.

I’m talking about writing tiny, 7-15 page small reports that sell extremely well. I’m talking about reports that people buy and then download to their computer or electronic device for reading or printing. Small reports about virtually anything…

Small Reports

  • Homeschooling
  • Madden® Football
  • Fishing
  • Playing Golf
  • Restoring Mustangs
  • Youth Ministry
  • Marriage
  • Small Business

  • Teaching Sunday School
  • Skincare
  • Paintball
  • Retirement
  • Living With M.S
  • Overcoming Addiction
  • Fundraising
  • Discount Travel

And none of them has to be any longer than a mere 15 pages.

And as mentioned above, you don’t have to be the one to write the reports.

Once you’ve chosen a subject (and I’m going to show you how to choose a market full of red-hot buyers), you can hire other writers often for as little as $50 or less.  

Of course, you may get personal satisfaction from writing your own short reports that benefit people from around the world.  It’s your choice.  It’s your publishing empire.  

You only need 3 things to get started:

  1. A laptop/computer
  2. An internet connection
  3. A willingness to learn and follow a simple system, and implement it

And the best thing is you can repeat this month in and month out. This means a predictable and growing income you can rely on.

No more lying in bed at night worrying if you have enough money coming in tomorrow to cover your bills.

You don’t need to learn complicated product launch formulas. You don’t have to be an expert writer. You don’t have to spend years or even months to create and sell your first info product. You also don’t need to have previous experience.

You just need a willingness to get started, just like I did when I started my Internet Lifestyle business back in 2006 by creating and selling information products.

My name is Welly Mulia and I’m the co-founder and CEO of an all-in-one shopping cart solution that set-up sales funnels + send hyper-relevant emails to customers and subscribers. The platform is called Zaxaa, which specializes in serving digital product creators like you.

Zaxaa currently processes over 7 figures in sales revenue every month for small information publishers just like you.

Quisque velit nisi, pretium ut lacinia in, elementum id enim.

While vacationing in Monte Carlo

Here are just a FEW of what you’ll discover in this training program, which I’ve named

“Beginners Quick & Easy Guide To An Info Products Empire”:

  • 3 simple rules for choosing a red-hot market full of eager-beaver, hungry buyers who might buy NOT 1 or 2, but dozens of your small reports
  • 20 highly-profitable markets that are proven to generate revenue in the information business – pick 1 of these that matches up to your own interests and save yourself time researching – I’ve done it for you!
  • The only 2 “criteria” you need to consider in selecting a topic to write about for your small report … you can check these in minutes instead of wasting a lot of time evaluating to find topics of high demand and interest!
  • 7 “idea hangouts” where you can quickly find enough ideas to write your next 10-15 small reports!
  • How to use other people’s costly research to find out what those most likely to buy from you have the greatest interest in … without spending a penny!
  • Two ways to use “topic x-ray” to focus in on the precise topic for your small report, including a super-sneaky way to ethically “steal” your competitor’s ideas!
  • A “magnetic” way that should get your customers buying report after report after report from you for as long as you want to continue writing them!
  • My proprietary P.A.G.E.S. system for brainstorming, outlining and writing your small report – more than teaching you just “what” to write, I’ll show you “how” to write faster, easier and better!
  • How to quickly and easily brainstorm ideas to write about in your small report including my “alphabetizing” technique for quickly generating dozens of thoughts to share.
  • 5 fill-in-the-blank “content templates” you can use to effortlessly write paragraph after paragraph – even if you don’t consider yourself a writer. Hint: These helpful prompts can be worked into any spot of any report.

Plus you’ll also discover:

  • A crash-course in “packaging” your small report including 7 specific pages to include in your content, along with 8 formatting elements to use in designing your pages.
  • 3 proven-profitable ways to make “special offers” and “backend offers” to earn more money after the sale.
  • The pricing triangle – 3 “rules” to help you choose the price for your small report that makes you the most money … and how you can have direct and personal influence over how much your customers will spend!
  • How to create a unique sales proposition that makes your small report stick out like ketchup on a white dress shirt! Included are the top two ways to get others scrambling to buy your product now.
  • 20 different ways your small report can be “positioned” differently than anyone else’s competing product + 8 case study examples of how to effectively “nichefy” your small report to get extra sales.
  • 11 parts of an order-producing small report mini-salesletter … from top to bottom!
  • How to get your website visitors to stop “fence-sitting” and place an order with you right now, today!
  • An actual “fill-in-the-blanks” salesletter template that you can use to create your own professional salesletter super-quick!
  • The previously unreleased “six phases” of creating a small report empire – how to go from phase one to phase six in just 12 months. That’s right, it is possible to make over $100,000 with small reports in a year.
  • The secret of creating a series of small reports and 4 ways to automatically cross-promote all of them with zero-budget advertising. Hint: This is how you double, triple, quadruple (and even more) your profit!
  • How to get to the $100,000 per year goal 5X as fast with phase 3 and the one virtually “fail safe” way to get affiliates promoting your products for you!
  • 3 “Kit Kreators™” that you can use to develop a small report into premium-priced products that dramatically increase the bottom line of your business.
  • The mother lode of the small reports business – phase 6 – how to spiral tiny, 7-15 page reports into an ever-growing empire of physical products, live events, coaching programs, membership sites and more.

You discover how to choose a highly profitable market.
You are given the perfect idea for an easy to create report.
You receive fill-in-the-blank content templates to create your content with.
You are shown how to package and price your offers.
You get a step-by-step course in copywriting to convert visitors into income.
And you learn how others like you have turned a simple information business like this into a six-figure income.

And you get them all inside a downloadable PDF instantly after you complete your purchase (viewable in PCs, MACs, tablets, and smartphones).

All For Only $10

You have a full 30-day money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you feel that this training program is not worth at least 10x the value, simply contact me and I’ll return every penny of your purchase.


You Will Receive the Entire Course Instantly For Download Even If It’s Midnight on a Saturday Night. After your order has been processed you will immediately be taken to a download page where you will be able to access ALL of the course… the main manual and all bonus materials.

But why such a low cost? Why only $10?

There are 2 reasons actually:

  1. This is a bribe offer to get you to know me. Once you know how powerful the strategies and concepts presented in the course are, you’ll no doubt become a raving fan and purchase more of my other offers. This is an investment in you because you’re worth it.
  2. The internet has been very kind to me, allowing me to quit my job and create a lifestyle business that I love. I feel it’s only right to give back to the community.

But we’re not done. You also get 3 additional bonuses with the training program…

Bonus #1

The 7-Day Checklist For Creating An Easy Info Product
In this 19-page report, you’ll get a systematic checklist broken down into daily activities for you to complete.
Assignments appear in chronological order, completely cover the entire process of creating a small report from start to finish and refer to the main manual and bonuses to provide complete, detailed instructions for completing each assignment.

Bonus #2

How To Improve Your Information W.R.I.T.I.N.G
In this 24-page report, you’ll be given 7 incredible techniques for writing faster, easier and better!

Included in this invaluable reference (this is *literally* worth more than the cost of the course by itself!) are 9 kinds of “content enhancers”, 50 different idea catalyst templates, dozens of writer prompts and invaluable writing techniques to help you improve both the quantity and quality of your finished product.

With this report you’ll have more ideas to write about and it will be easier to write about those ideas!

Bonus #3

The Beginners Guide To Promoting Your Info Product
In this 20-page report, you’ll receive a crash-course in getting people to your site to actually buy your small report.

Included in this valuable report is information on promoting your small report both offline and online. The ideas, screenshot examples and details provided will quickly get you started promoting and profiting from your small report.

All For Only $10

You have a full 30-day money back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you feel that this training program is not worth at least 10x the value, simply contact me and I’ll return every penny of your purchase.


You Will Receive the Entire Course Instantly For Download Even If It’s Midnight on a Saturday Night. After your order has been processed you will immediately be taken to a download page where you will be able to access ALL of the course… the main manual and all bonus materials.

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