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38 Smart Questions To Grow Your Profits

By Welly Mulia |

38 Questions Smart Digital Product Creators Ask Themselves To Grow & Increase Their Profits

This is supposed to be the content upgrade for this blog post (which has been shared around more than 400 times as of this writing), but I'll give it to you FREE on this page as well.

  • As you know, Lifetime Customer Value is one of the most important stats in your business, but do you know how to track Lifetime Customer Value across all different traffic sources such as Google, Facebook, blogging, etc?
  • How some webmasters have 10x their profits by implementing limited discounts, the exclusivity principles, and dimesales.
  • How to protect your business from online thieves, scammers, and crooks which can easily sabotage and steal your hard earned profits.
  • 2 Proven methods for increasing the frequency of purchase from your current visitors and customers for a higher net income.
  • WARNING: Why relying on Paypal or any one payment processor is risky and how to set-up multiple forms of payment with just a few clicks.

how to do email marketing

How To Get Subscribers To LOVE You Even When You Sell In Every Email

By Welly Mulia | Digital Products , Email Marketing

This is a long post about how to do email marketing effectively to get real sales day in and day out. I’ve summarized the gist of this post into 6 practical steps you can apply in your email marketing to get more sales for your digital product.

PLUS you get the pdf version of this blog post as well so that you can refer to it anytime you like, even when you’re offline.

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Email marketing is not dead.

Far from it.

Even with the rising popularity of other communication channels like social media and instant messaging, email is still king.

According to McKinsey:

“E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined.”


Here’s another study from The Radicati Group. The key points are:

  • The number of email accounts continues to grow from over 4.1 billion in 2014 to 5.2 billion by end of
  • Email remains the most pervasive form of communication in the business world.
  • Business users send and receive on average 121 emails a day in 2014, and is expected to grow to 140 a day by 2018.number-emails


Based on this infographic by Wolfgang Jaegel, for every $1 spent on email marketing, you get back $44.25. That’s a whopping 4425% ROI!


Why Email Marketing Is The Best Way To Sell Your Digital Offer


What You'll Learn
After you’ve finished this post, you’re going to know how to get subscribers to pay attention to you and how to comfortably sell to them in every email while making them LOVE you at the same time.

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Your Journey To A Sustainable Digital Product Business Starts Here

By Welly Mulia |

welly mulia monte carlo copy 2

My name is Welly Mulia. I created this blog especially for Digital Product Creators.

If you’re a Digital Product Creator who sells any kind of ebooks, reports, audio, videos, courses, software, and apps… I’m here to help you on your journey to creating a sustainable business, not just trying to earn an income.

This page will be updated from time to time.

For now, if you’re just getting started, these are the posts I recommend you read (in the order below):

  1. 6 steps to creating an unstoppable information/digital business
  2. 4 steps to creating your irresistible lead magnet
  3. 7 steps to a high converting (63.6%) lead capture page
  4. You’re wasting time creating digital products if you don’t follow these guidelines

Remember, you won’t earn a single penny if you don’t actually implement what you learn and know.

Applied knowledge is power!

If you already have a digital product(s) you want to sell, I’m also the CEO and co-founder of an all-in-one sales funnel shopping cart + email CRM platform for digital product creators, called Zaxaa.


With Zaxaa, you can:

  • Sell simple one-off digital products
  • Set up simple and complicated sales funnels / CVM
  • Send hyper-relevant emails to customers and subscribers based on how they respond to your emails & offers, using our exclusive BEATS Mail System(Bulls-Eye Auto Target Social Mail System) technology

>> Give Zaxaa a risk-free try <<

You’re Wasting Time Creating & Selling Digital Products If You Don’t Apply These Guidelines

By Welly Mulia | Digital Products

Want to know how to collect payments even before you create your digital product? I’ve created a 2-page pdf to show you how.

PLUS you get to get the pdf version of this blog post as well so that you can refer to it anytime you like, even when you’re offline.

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This post is about how to create a digital product. Follow the guidelines below and you’ll be on your way to creating a digital product that people actually want to pay money for.

Digital Products Pros Over Physical Products

The advantages of selling digital or information products (ebooks, reports, audios, videos, software, apps) are:

  • You leverage time (more of this in a bit)
  • There is no manufacturing cost
  • There is no shipping cost
  • There is no inventory cost (only server cost which is very affordable)

All of these mean there is a very high profit margin.

And creating a digital product doesn’t have to be hard, but it’s not easy either. It’s a simple system to follow, but it’s not easy.

Anybody can just come in and create a digital product.

But not everyone can create the RIGHT product that people actually want to pay money for.

I mentioned leveraging time in the beginning of this post.

What does that mean?

It means once your digital product is created, you can sell it over and over and over again. Create the product once and sell it for a long time, especially if your product is on an evergreen topic.

Time, unlike money, once spent — can’t be gotten back.

Here’s a quote I really like from best-selling pastor author Rick Warren:

rick warren quote time

10,000 Punches VS 10,000 Times

my first punch

Who do you think get paid more? Primary care physicians or specialist doctors?

What You'll Learn
After you’ve finished this post, you’re going to uncover tips and strategies to increase your digital products success (i.e. selling a ton of copies) before you even start creating them.

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By Welly Mulia |

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Set Up And Manage With Zaxaa

By Welly Mulia |

I set up and manage all my digital product sales and sales funnels with Zaxaa.

Full disclosure: I’m the co-founder and CEO of Zaxaa. In September 2011, my team created it out of frustration of not being able to find a platform that allows us to — easily and quickly — sell simple one-off offers + set up complicated sales funnels + send hyper-relevant emails based on how people respond to your emails & offers.

With Zaxaa, you can be as simple or as complicated as you want.

For beginners, our simple view will get you started in setting up your offer for sale in less than 5 minutes.

For advanced digital product creators who want to take their business to the next level, you can set up complicated sales funnels (that will no doubt increase your sales and revenue) in under 30 minutes.

Watch the video on this page to see how easy and quick it is to set up an offer for sale.

Here’s what users say about Zaxaa.

The 7 steps I Follow To Get A 63.6% Optin Conversion

By Welly Mulia | Freemium / Lead Magnet , Landing Pages , Leads

Post Lead Conversion -- Free Guide
After someone opts in to get your Freemium, what should you do next? Should you use single or double optin?

PLUS you get to get the pdf version of this blog post as well so that you can refer to it anytime you like, even when you’re offline.

Click here to get both FREE.

This post is about how to create a squeeze page or lead capture page, but not just any kind of lead capture page, but one that is high converting.

Very recently, I ran a few Facebook ads (different targeting interests but the same ad) and I got 143 optins out of 225 link clicks.


143 / 225 = 63.6% conversion

This is the ad (you may have seen it and got into my list):


After people click on the ad, they’re directed to this lead capture page:


While I’d love to say: do XYZ and you’ll achieve the same results… the reality is that it’s not that straightforward.

Every business is unique in its own ways and you’ll probably not achieve 64% optin conversion, but even if you just get 40%, I’m sure it’s still a good number.

What I can do is to lay out the guidelines and strategies behind this, and how you can follow them and apply to your own business.

After you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll be able to create your high converting lead capture page in 7 steps.

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