10 Websites That Will Pay You DAILY Within 24 hours!

Do you want to learn about websites that will pay you daily, literally within 24 hours working from home? if Yes, then make sure you read this article to the end because I'm going to show you ten websites that will literally pay you within 24 hours working from home. Does that sound too good to be true? well, so does cotton candy, so does massage chairs and so do Pomeranians but those all exist don't they?

In all seriousness, there are a lot of websites out there that want to try and scam you they want to take your money and they want to waste your time.

Since I take this work from home articles extremely seriously. Every single one of these ten websites that pay within 24 hours. I went out, did the research, read the reviews, tried them out and they are all 100% verified and completely legit. With these websites, you can get paid for your side hustle literally in your underwear of watching that Seinfeld or friends marathon that you're probably watching right now. The …

High Converting Lead Capture Page - Lead Capture Page Anatomy in 2020

In this article "High Converting Lead Capture Page", we'll be talking about the anatomy of a high converting form. In other words, what is it that separates good forms from great forms. I'll be showing with you a case study on a form that I built over three years ago that's been converting 40.6%. What's really surprising about this form is that it shouldn't convert so well. It's a really ugly looking form and it's it really surprised me to see it converting so well. So I'll dig into some of the insights around why I believe it's converting so well. And how you can apply them to your lead capture forms so that you can capture more leads.

High Converting Lead Capture Page: The Optimization Pyramid

High Converting Lead Capture Page - Form Optimization Pyramid
To understand what separates good forms from great forms; I want to introduce you to a concept that we came up with called the form optimization pyramid. This is a kind of hierarchy of …

Customer Value Maximization: Management and Cycle

What is customer value maximization? customer value is based on a customer relationship quality as experienced from the sides of both the customer and the marketer. value is created by products and services when they benefit customers by satisfying their needs. it is a function of cash flow profitability and customer service.

The following five-step model is used for creating and managing customer value.

Customer Value Maximization - Customer Value Management Model
Step 1 discover understand customer needs and behaviorStep 2 commit: commit toward delivering value to customers Step 3 create: create customer value Step 4 assess: obtain customer feedback and analyze it Step 5 improve: measure and improve customer value
The customer value management or CRM model aims to create value for customers and suppliers. customer value is generated through superior products and services that provide a benefit that is recognized through the payment of an agreed-upon price. value accrues to a suppl…

Create Lead Magnet - Lead Magnet Ideas for 2020

In this article, I want to talk to you about how to create a lead magnet. so I'll share five lead magnet ideas that you can use to win new customers, but first I want to do just a quick review of the conversion path process.

create a lead magnet
There are four steps to the conversion path. one is that you have to have a call to action. You may have that call to action on your website, on a page on your website, on a blog post, on a Facebook ad. You got to get people to click that link, click that button to download your lead magnet. so number one is a call to action: what do you want them to do.
The Conversion Path Steps
Number two is a landing page. after they click that link you want them to go to a landing page where they're going to have to enter their name and their email address in order to access that lead magnet.

Number three is a thank you page. After they've entered their name and their email, they go to a thank you page where they can actually download the ass…

Digital Info Product Empire Step By Step Guide

digital info product empire
In this digital Info Product Empire article, I'm going to teach you how to sell your knowledge and expertise. If you have an idea for a book, a digital or Info Product then this article is for you. I thought I would give you guys a whole picture of what we did with the book "recipe hacker" to sell 21,000 copies in four days. Will that interest you to know the formula of that? because if you have an idea for an info product I want to help you and plus a few people ask us hey tell me more about information marketing.
Digital Info Product Empire: Affiliates
What we did is we got affiliates. Affiliates are people who already market on the internet, they have an info product of some sort. They have a digital PDF ebook of a nutrition program or follow along with workouts. They might have workout videos, they might have some kind of a membership site. These people are affiliates and really you can look at them as hired guns who already have a list a…

#Digital_Product Guidelines: digital products for 2020

If you are a freelancer or a service-based business and you're wanting to make more money but you're running out of hours. You can't add more clients onto your schedule it's probably time for you to create a passive product. In this article, I'm gonna share with you 10 digital product guidelines that you can create this weekend to help you make an extra thousand dollars a month.

Digital products guidelines - Ideas to make money with digital products in 2020
This will also work for you if you have a YouTube channel and you don't have a business model yet off of YouTube. So stay tuned. If we're constantly relying on YouTube to help us make money we're not gonna make a lot of money. If you are a business owner on YouTube to grow your business you may have already filled up all your slots for clients but you're wanting to make more money. This article is definitely for you because we're gonna walk through a couple of products that you can make and …

Easy Pro Funnels Review - EZ Pro Funnels Guide

In this article, I want to give you a very quick walk through the Easy Pro Funnels system.

Easy pro funnels main page overview
If we look at this page, this is one of the affiliate centers. We can promote affiliate products from jvzoo, from warrior plus or Clickbank. Of course, we want to create some kind of sales funnel, giveaways, etc to be able to increase our chances of making those sales and make everything nice and easy.
Let's go back to the beginning, let's look first of all at free offers. If I go in look at creating free products and bonuses.

On this page, I can actually add any free products I want. But of course, the system comes with hundreds of free products already. We can just look at the category, it's just for the internet marketing and we can see there's a number of products already in the system.

Easy pro funnels internet and marketing offers As I said you can put your own products in there. They'll all be added to this list. I'm going to …