Easy Pro Funnels Review - EZ Pro Funnels Guide

In this article, I want to give you a very quick walk through the Easy Pro Funnels system.

easy pro funnels
Easy pro funnels main page overview

If we look at this page, this is one of the affiliate centers. We can promote affiliate products from jvzoo, from warrior plus or Clickbank. Of course, we want to create some kind of sales funnel, giveaways, etc to be able to increase our chances of making those sales and make everything nice and easy.
Let's go back to the beginning, let's look first of all at free offers. If I go in look at creating free products and bonuses.

 create offers and bonus

On this page, I can actually add any free products I want. But of course, the system comes with hundreds of free products already. We can just look at the category, it's just for the internet marketing and we can see there's a number of products already in the system.

easy pro funnels internet and marketing offers
Easy pro funnels internet and marketing offers
As I said you can put your own products in there. They'll all be added to this list. I'm going to just stick with this for the moment and also on the side, we've got great bonus pages or pop bonus packages. We can use multiple of these free offers to create bonuses to be able to give to our buyers.

EZ pro funnels bonus
Easy pro funnels bonus section

You do that simply by selecting someone or whatever you want of the free offers. I'm just gonna select a few of these and then I'm just got to give it a name "bonus pack one" just to show you and a title. We add the bonus pack and you'll see it come down here. There's our bonus pack one BP 1 or the BP 1 and we can look at it. We get two offers of that one, we get the actual one that offers it and one that delivers the links. I just show you what that looks like.

easy pro funnels bonus added

It dynamically creates a pack for you. They are super bonus package and this is all the free offers and down here are the links to get those free offers as well. That's what your bonus page looks like.

 bonus page example
Easy pro funnels bonus page example

We have created or gotten our free products. The next needs to do is go back to one of the affiliate centers. Three centers all pretty much the same. I'll stick with jvzoo one so you can just see what's going on.

 navigating through affiliate centers
Easy pro funnels navigating through affiliate centers

Once we've got our free offer we need to turn into some kind of lead magnet. We can create a custom lead magnet from a free offer. Again just choose a category and we get a list of the free offers. I'm going to use a smart funnel blueprint as the free offer for this lead magnet.  I need to put a page header in here or a page one header. I'm just going to create profit or funnels with ease and the rest of it can actually be left. It will also generate using defaults. If you look down here what you can see it shouldn't completely customize a style you'll kind o your opt-in forms here. We've got main header color, body text, sub-headlines button, text button color,.. Different headers for the page - it's a 2-step opt-in page product title color and with our background image. we can add so if we had a background image let's just click on there we've got a number of background images we can choose from. I can drop that in if I need to when I say it will default if you don't you can also go to pixabay and download some of your own if you want to. So simple as that to create the lead magnet. You've got it, you got a demo view of what your lead magnet look like

easy pro funnels creating a lead magnet
Easy pro funnels creating a lead magnet

You can see the product here the title you originally put in, all these sub-headlines, etc. These are all vegetable eyes is the background and they're all colors etc and any lead magnets you create you come down the bottom here so you can look at these at any time and see what the lead magnet looks like that you've created. There's a one for a tube ninja and you can click to a full page to view that if you want. It just gives you an idea of what the opt-in page looks like. We have a free product and we have converted that into a lead magnet with an opt-in form. We need to go to our affiliate centers assembly on JVzoo, Clickbank or warrior plus. I'll stick with JVzoo just so you can see what's going on there. 

easy pro funnels Jvzoo
Easy pro funnels Jvzoo

 Now we have a free offer and we've created a lead magnet from that free offer and we also created a bonus for your bonus pack. We need some paid offers to add into our funnel.  Easy Pro funnels come with a number of all two approved products. If you want to add these products in, you can select the product from the list and if we look at the details and down the right-hand side we'll see we have the product name the JV page they've got the feeling coupon codes, etc. To be able to do that, we can add that product in and they'll appear in the list that you can see underneath. Of course, you can add in any product you like, any approved products or any Clickbank product can be added into the list. You're not limited to just the products that you're given.

easy pro funnels product details
Easy pro funnels product details

We have a free product and we have a paid product. We need to combine those together, so we need to add our lead magnets to an autoresponder. In this particular case, I'm using Sendgrid, but we can use Getresponse as well. To do that we simply select the custom offer that we created earlier from the list, and you'll see it come up. That's an image from the free section of the sales pages over here. That's the free one, so let's add that to a campaign or list. I'll generate the autoresponder and the delivery email etc will be created automatically. I do that and then there you are. It says a new list created, welcome email campaign created, and the number of the campaign.

easy pro funnels connect an auto responder
easy pro funnels connect an auto responder

 creating affiliate link to a product
easy pro funnels creating affiliate link to a product

Of course, we can add an affiliate product. From this set of products that we've added over here, we can select it in this drop-down box. Go to ID in the next generation affiliate and as you can see that appears up in the sale site. We're now creating a lead magnet attached to a product, and an exit pop as well if it's done the other way around. We can create affiliate links that generate directors a sales page and then exit pop to the free offer. Or we can trail lead magnet link which goes directly the lead magnet first and then auto exits to the paid offer. Either way, we can do that.

easy pro funnels next generation affiliate page
Next generation affiliate page

The next-generation affiliate page is loaded, try to exit that page your exit pop will come up and then you click here for your free gift. and of course, that goes off and offers you your free offer.

More EZ Pro Funnels Advanced Options

Now I'll show you a few of the more advanced features of the system. We've seen how we can create sales links etc, so let's just see what we could do with those to make things more exciting. We can create webinars and review pages. the webinar-style page is something like the webinar replay style thing. The way we do it very easy was not to generate and it really does is we can use YouTube

Creating Webinar Pages with EZ Pro Funnels

EZ pro funnels creating webinars
Easy pro funnels creating webinars

Here on the page, you can see it says webinar review center and it is a form on the left-hand side which creates the webinar style pages. We simply select an affiliate link, let's say for instance we select one of our links that are going to promote an Instagram product or Instagram ads products be slightly more specific. Then we simply put in a webinar name and title and we can go to YouTube just click on the button here and we need to find a video. We can do that just by literary search if what we want so Instagram ads training. We get loads of videos on training for Instagram ads. One tip here is you make sure you filter it on current time so you get current videos you don't want to be using any old videos where the information is outdated. As you can see is actually a guy here is showing you how to create Instagram ads which is great.

 webinar free offer
Easy pro funnels webinar free offer
 Most of these will have a pitch at the end of course so we need to find out where that is so we can go to the end just have a look and see where the training stops and the pitch actually starts and we note that time. I'll show you why: because when we go back here we've got the option to set start time so we could start the video whenever we want and the end time so we can end the video and miss any pitch at the end.
We've got a pop up which gives us basically the offer which is your link that you're promoting. You create a bonus back around Instagram in that particular case. Let's look at this Facebook for e-commerce, for instance, we've got the details from there and I can test it. If we send this link to a subscriber or even off of this up as a free offer; as you can see there this is a training Facebook strategy and this goes quite a long way half an hour or so and what you do is set your pop up.

 facebook traffic offer
Easy pro funnels facebook traffic offer

Creating Review Pages with EZ Pro Funnels

Similarly, we can create reviews style pages. Again you can select a YouTube video this time just for review, whatever your title is look for reviews. loads of people do reviews. Similarly, you can change the start time and end time to chop up any bits you don't want on the video. You just keep the actual review going. There are reviews on every product you could think of, it'll be in there somewhere. Select your affiliate link, select your bonus page or your bonus pack, YouTube code, start and stop time. Now because it's a review, you add a few more things in what's the product you're promoting as you put the product name, then put headline, a couple of sub-headlines. You can change the background image as well if you want, and in here you can just simply write some features. What I normally do for this: is you just go to the sales page and it's always got a list of features on the sales page. Just copy that and paste it straight in as long there on separate lines. That's it and then generate your review page

creating a review page
easy pro funnels review page

Now you can see Easy Pro funnels is a very very powerful software. It makes it very easy for a literally anyone to jump into affiliate marketing and have all the abilities and facilities that the top guys have.


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