Digital Info Product Empire Step By Step Guide

digital info product empire
digital info product empire

In this digital Info Product Empire article, I'm going to teach you how to sell your knowledge and expertise. If you have an idea for a book, a digital or Info Product then this article is for you. I thought I would give you guys a whole picture of what we did with the book "recipe hacker" to sell 21,000 copies in four days. Will that interest you to know the formula of that? because if you have an idea for an info product I want to help you and plus a few people ask us hey tell me more about information marketing.

Digital Info Product Empire: Affiliates

What we did is we got affiliates. Affiliates are people who already market on the internet, they have an info product of some sort. They have a digital PDF ebook of a nutrition program or follow along with workouts. They might have workout videos, they might have some kind of a membership site. These people are affiliates and really you can look at them as hired guns who already have a list and are willing to mail out for you in exchange for Commission. We got them on board we said: hey we will pay you 75 percent commission of the sales of this recipe hacker book. We ordered 20,000 copies of the book easy enough from the publisher, and we sold the recipe hacker book for free.

We sold the book for free but we just said you pay $5.95 shipping and handling and we'll send it to you. We told our affiliates we'll pay you 75 percent commission. now 75 percent commission of six dollars that's not a lot of money.

digital info product empire
digital info product empire

Digital Info Product Empire: Upsells

No affiliate is going to want to mail for that remember these affiliates have 30,000 50,000 a hundred thousand half a million people on their email list. So you got enough affiliates together and you can have a really big product launch. In a product launch; you've probably seen it Shawna Kaminski recently did one with the bikini belly; the launch was last month it ended last month. Within six months the bikini belly sold gosh what was it 1.3 or 1.4 million dollars in a six-month span from the time they created it to it to the end of the launch. The way they did that was through affiliates. They're not buying Facebook Ads, they're going to people who already have a list and they're saying: hey you have a list of people who want to get in shape, want to burn fat, want to eat for fat loss, well here's how they can do that I'm going to give you 75 percent commission.

Digital Info Product Empire: Digital or Physical Product?

We can do that with the physical book, we can do that with the DVD, you can do that with follow-along videos. With that free book offer, we said pay that 595 and you can get the book for free. Here's what happens next: when they pay they go to a shopping cart and they pay. Immediately it says: hey don't leave yet you got three offers, offer number one, number two, and number three. so watch what happens next; these are called one-click upsells; because they've already put in their credit card info there. We've already charged them the 595 for this free book. These three are digital products so we go from a physical product, we upsell them on digital products. hey did you want more recipes pay another $15 more for more recipes? Did you want healthy snacks and breakfast foods yes another 17 dollars please. And did you want another whatever on-the-go foods or something? yes, another 11 bucks.

All of a sudden a shopping cart value; and by the way this is a one-click upsell which means there's a button that says I'll take it or I won't; and below it is a link that says so this is added to order or the little tiny link that says no thank you. I'll pass on this one-time offer. So a person who pays 595 might very well end up paying 2530 dollars. They got the physical book for free but they said yes I'll take this, I'll pass on that, and I'll take this please. and now the affiliates were getting a bigger Commission. They were more incentivized. so that's called the product launch and you can do that with affiliates.

Membership sites

People ask me well what kind of info products could I create? do I just have to write a book? the answer is no. There's something called membership sites. so an example of a great membership site might be something that's let's say $29 a month.

Maybe you have some value to give people. you workouts every month. you have a new recipes that come out for the month or meal plans. My membership site fit pro newsletter. many people use it, we send out content on your behalf. we help you build an email list we give you done for you promotions.

You got the membership site content which is like EFT a little harder to sell. it is harder to sell a membership because when you're selling something to someone online who's never met you you can get them to pay you $19 once or $29 once. it's a little more difficult to convince someone who doesn't know and trust you to pay you twenty-nine dollars a month and commit to a $29 a month reoccurring payment. Because now what's running through their head is what if you keep charging me and don't stop if I don't want to do this.

Typically you'll want to do what's known as a front end product. so whatever space you want to go into if you want to go into muscle building fat loss nutrition. right you know fresh juices smoothies whatever. if you're going to have a continuity site a membership site. you want to have a front-end product first. and a front-end product could be a simple nine dollar ebook. a nine dollar ebook one-time purchase. they purchase this for nine bucks they're now on your email list they know, like, and trust factor builds. and they're more likely to take this membership site offer when you offer it to them a few weeks later. and the way I would offer it to them if I were you would be $1 for the first 30 days. this make a sense to everybody?

The front end product it's almost like a little low barrier offer, isn't it? it's an LBO they're not going to commit to $29 a month yet. They don't know us, like us, trust us but they will commit to a low barrier offer. an e-book that gives them a solution, maybe some recipes, some workouts they can do for the next 2 3 4 or 5 weeks that promises some kind of an outcome for just one time $9.00 fee.

Now you get to position yourself as an expert and then sell your membership site. so what else can you offer them? there's something called micro continuity.

Micro Continuity

Micro continuity is pretty cool because there's a platform called wish list. So if you have a program that has progression part of it. this is a six-week program but everybody starts off at week one, and you have to finish week one to finish to get to week two because there's progression involved. Well you can do it using wish list, it goes right on top of a WordPress, on a WordPress blog any web designer developer can do that for you. and all of a sudden you have this evergreen thing.

If I've got a six-week micro continuity. so you might sign up today and you get week one and maybe you're just paying four dollars a week. see that's what micro continuity is. a small amount for a small period of time. four dollars a week. look how it adds up. right 24 bucks boom instead of a nine dollar front end product. you might come on board on week one and when you're in week two. Maybe Anna here comes on board at week one so you're at week 2- she's at week one and the modules don't open up until they're supposed to for you.

You've got an evergreen product it's called evergreen you don't have to start everybody on a start date. like we do in the offline world wish list lets you do a micro continuity or you can say hey it's going to be $4 a week for six weeks each week opens up right after you sign up. and you're golden. just want to again get your kind of brain stimulated on all the different online products you can do.

Establishing yourself as a go-to source of info

We got a few clients who do high-end coaching. their whole thing is the model looks like this a lot of authority like you have to be a badass in your space. All of them have already positioned themselves as authorities using social media. they're experts so Darren will do it with bodybuilders and fitness competitors summer we'll do it with Fitness competitors.

What ends up happening is you're an authority when people want to work with you instead of a no-name person. and remember you can build authority within like five to six months. within five to six months you can pump open a pump out, enough YouTube videos, get enough Facebook images out, and get Instagram blowing up. Like man, this person's an authority on this one thing.

That is fantastic because once you have Authority then you go hey I've got no front end product to sell you for nine bucks. You're going to go right to my website where you fill out an application. Then from the application, I'm going to review and then if I invite you on board. I'm going to do an eight week 12 week 19-week diet program for anywhere from seven hundred bucks to two thousand dollars.

You see what happens so where's a micro continuity program or a just a digital PDF right like an e-book. You'll have to sell a whole bunch of them to make let's say fifty thousand dollars a month. Well, the two thousand dollars using you sell what twenty-five people via application to make 50 grand. easy as pie once you've done this part, of course, the authority building.

Otherwise, you're like why should I buy from you, right? and so that's another funnel that we've created for our coaching clients and that you really well with this. Remember you don't only have to sell like follow along workouts or ebooks, you can actually sell high-level coaching. if you make diet programs custom workout programs, holy cow! there's people all over the globe who buy from you at a high dollar amount.

What else do we have? let's see here: we talked about the micro continuity, we talked about the membership sites, we talked about the high-end coaching programs, we talked about the physical book that you sell for free right? that's how we sold a physical book how awesome is that: hey take the book for free just pay for shipping and handling and once we got that credit card information the shopping cart started offering three offers to them. You can do this with videos following videos, digital PDF, membership sites, you name it.

As long as you know that you have this unique and special thing that you can sell online to the masses, you've got another income stream waiting to happen. I hope this articles's been helpful to you, please help me by sharing it with your friends. And i'll be happy to hear from you on the comments section.


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