#Digital_Product Guidelines: digital products for 2020

If you are a freelancer or a service-based business and you're wanting to make more money but you're running out of hours. You can't add more clients onto your schedule it's probably time for you to create a passive product. In this article, I'm gonna share with you 10 digital product guidelines that you can create this weekend to help you make an extra thousand dollars a month.

Digital products guidelines - Ideas to make money with digital products in 2020

This will also work for you if you have a YouTube channel and you don't have a business model yet off of YouTube. So stay tuned. If we're constantly relying on YouTube to help us make money we're not gonna make a lot of money. If you are a business owner on YouTube to grow your business you may have already filled up all your slots for clients but you're wanting to make more money. This article is definitely for you because we're gonna walk through a couple of products that you can make and start selling. So you can make some more money without adding more clients to your schedule.

Now, most of these products that I talk about here, you can make in software like Mac Pages, Microsoft Word or using something like Canva. That is, a service online that you can create and pay monthly for but these are all things that you can make, turn into PDFs and sell.

Digital Product Guidelines: Selling Ebooks

So the first idea is an ebook. Whether you are blogging or not, if you have a long, massive blog post that really walks people through step by step what it is you do. You can turn this into an ebook or even an ebook slash workbook to sell to people, to help them get started.

If you are working with clients you probably need to have them at a certain step right? This is how you can help people at like step zero. If they aren't ready for your services yet you can sell them this ebook to help them get started.

Some examples would be an ebook for SEO for a website. So like how to get your website SEO primed or perfect with website SEO. Another ebook idea could be how to get publicity for your YouTube channel or your business. You could write down exactly how to do this, how to get started. Because if you're a publicist, you're probably already working with clients one on one but if someone hasn't started with like a media kit. And all those first steps, they're not ready to work with you anyways. Start to think about how you could help somebody by providing an ebook to them.

Calendar Templates

The next idea is a calendar template. This is something that you can sell on a PDF with a calendar or you could sell them like a Google Calendar template. So what would you share with a calendar template? For example, I could share a calendar template on the YouTube posting schedule. Like on the first of the Monday of every month research, on the second Wednesday, I script. And so people could just take that schedule and easily fit it into their own schedule.

Or maybe you are a music producer or you create music and you can show people how you fit into your schedule. How to produce a song. Like if you're producing a song on the first week of the month you need to do this. The second week of the month so people can start to see how it fits into their schedule. Especially if people are doing some stuff on the side. They have a full-time job and they're doing their side hustle if they can really see how much time they need to commit to the side hustle they're gonna wanna buy that.


The next passive product idea is workbooks. Which we talked a little bit with an ebook or checklists. I am a lover of checklists and I know I'm not the only person out there that loves checklists. If you can provide somebody a checklist of how to get something done, they're gonna totally be sold.

For example, let's say you're teaching people how to buy a car. What checklists would they need? did I check this price? Did I check this website? I don't know, I don't sell cars so I don't know what that checklist would be but could you break it down into a checklist to make the car buying process easier for that person? Or maybe it's a checklist for planning a wedding. What do you need to make sure you do when you're planning a wedding to get started if they're trying to do it by themselves? Could you turn that into a checklist? I could create a checklist of everything you need to do to get your video course uploaded to Udemy.

For somebody brand new to Udemy they wanna see that checklist and say upload it, title, description, curriculum, course image, tags, all of that stuff to make the process a lot easier. So what are some checklists that you could create and sell?

If you're creating online courses ob any platform, or having courses that you'd want to publish on your membership website without getting them shared illegally somewhere else, then all that you need is a plugin that will be your vault! Yes that's right, S3MediaVault is a perfect solution for doing just that. S3MediaVault has a plenty of amazing options that will make your life easier. I definitely recommend that you give a try right away, you'll thank me later.

Digital Product Guidelines: Email Templates

Your next idea in this digital product guidelines list is templates and what do I mean about templates? What is something that you use constantly is your business? Maybe when a new client on board you have a welcome pack or maybe you have an onboarding email sequence that goes to them. So when they onboard you send them X email and then Y email, then Z email. What does that template look like? Maybe you create brand style guides. Could you share your template for how you create a brand style guide? Or maybe it's your social media posting template. So you post this image and then this is the template of the caption that you usually add to that photo. What are some templates that you're already using in your business that you could sell to help people that they would wanna buy?

Digital Product Guidelines: Workflow Templates

The next idea is a Trello or Asana workflow. So if you're new from around here you know I love to have a process, I love to have a workflow and I currently use Trello as my project management system. So I already sell a Trello board that people can buy that gives my exact workflow. When they buy my Trello workflow they're also getting a training video from me that shows them how to use Trello if they're brand new. And so in Trello, you will see each step that I go through to upload a video.

From research, there's a check, like a six-point checklist on what I do at research, then you move a card over to determine title and tags and there's a checklist to go through. It allows people to get started on YouTube with a system in place. Whether they're doing it themselves or they're handing it off to a team member they have a workflow in place when they're getting started. Maybe you have a workflow for launching a new website. Or maybe you have a workflow for changing oil in your car. There are so many ideas. it does not just have to be like a typical, stereotypical online business. You could have a YouTube channel that teaches people how to eat healthily. You could have a YouTube channel that teaches people how to refurbish cars and still have a workflow that you could share with your audience.

Digital Product Guidelines: Online Courses

The next thing is a mini-course and why I say mini-course is because if you're just getting started with passive products, undergoing the process of creating this massive course is going to drive you insane. Test out creating courses with a mini-course. What's a small step that they could take to buy your mini-course? For me, maybe I just have a mini-course on Project Management. So I talk about creating your project statement, how to create your team, how to add your communication plan. That first step to getting started. I'm going into full detail on collaborating and strategy and finance.

So what's a quick mini-course that you could create to help your target audience real quick? It's like a course, they could take in a morning, or an afternoon. Plus by having a mini-course it's going to allow them to see what value you bring, your teaching styles and if you really perform in that mini-course they're gonna be ready to buy whatever it is you sell them because they got so much value from a mini-course.

The next one is an easy way. If you don't have a business yet or you don't wanna create anything and it's being an affiliate. So I'm an affiliate for The Udemy and so when I talk about where to buy courses or if you need courses for your business if you buy from my link that I have in my blog articles I'm going to get a commission from that sale. So whether it's a program or a course or a subscription box service you could be an affiliate, talk about it on your YouTube channel and tell people where to buy it.

Digital Product Guidelines: Selling on Amazon

Another way to make money is by setting up an Amazon store and what's amazing about this is you probably already buy from Amazon every single week. Me, just about every single day and so if people are asking you what are you using, what do you buy or you're talking about products, that I bought from Amazon I could say you know, check out my Amazon store where I have this all linked or you could share it on your website or in your email list. Like your top favorite products to help you organize your house or to your skincare products and you could link to your Amazon store and make money from selling things from Amazon.

The next idea is swipe files and what I mean by swipe files is a copy that you can take out of your business and maybe you just like change out the things that are specific to your business and sell it to other people. For example, email welcome sequence. When somebody signs up to your email list there should be a sequence that they go through. Like three or four emails that allow them to get to know you.

But what does that look like? What do you say in those emails? By having that template to send somebody that they are gonna buy. So that they can then plug in their own individual stories and their business. It makes it so much easier if people are willing to buy it. Or you know, like social media captions. Can you give me 10 examples of social media swipe files to help me create captions for Instagram lot faster because I hate writing those captions? That's why I do video.

Digital Product Guidelines: Stock Images

The next idea is if you are a photographer, you could start selling stock photos. Take those photos that you're already taking and sell them. You could sell them on your own website. You could sell them in Creative Market. There are so many ways to take the photos that you are already shooting and sell them. People who are in a business like me, we're looking for styled photos to put on our social media. We don't always have time to take photos of our life so if you can give me some pretty photos to add for my blog post or on my website or social media.

That's it for the digital product guidelines to make money online selling digital products in 2020. I hope that's been helpful and looking forward to hearing your suggestions, questions, and remarks in the comments section.


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