Make money online reddit - How to make money online with Reddit

Make money online using Reddit: what is Reddit?

If you've never heard about Reddit they call themselves the front page of the internet. It's probably my biggest waste of time. I'm not a big Instagram user not a big Facebook not a big Snapchat but I do waste a lot of time browsing Reddit. I'm gonna explain why that is and I'm gonna explain more importantly why that's important for you because if you understand how Reddit became one of the top five most visited websites in the world then you're gonna understand how you can take advantage of that and how to start earning $100 per day or even significantly more than that if you actually are consistent using the strategy that we're about to teach you.
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Make money online using Reddit: what is Reddit?

Basically what Reddit is? it is a big community, it's a big collection of different people who are interested in different things. And Reddit has what's called subreddits and for the people who don't understand Reddit, it's very important to understand what it is.

Make money online reddit - What is Reddit
Make money online reddit - What is Reddit

You can see this is the Reddit homepage. Basically Reddit is a big collection of sub-communities which they call subreddits about specific topics. You can see that there are subreddits about soccer and what you can do is you can actually see the most popular subreddit or communities on all of Reddit by using a site called redditlist.

make money onine reddit - using

You can see that the most subscribed to actual Reddit subreddits are announcements funny ass credit gaming pics science. What you can actually do is you can notate which of the communities are the most subscribed to? which of the communities have the most actual recent activity? and you can also see which of the communities which of the subreddits have the most growth in the past 24 hours.

We're gonna actually open up a few of these subreddits. Now we have these few different subreddits open and what we're gonna do is we can actually sort these in whatever way we want. We can sort them by hot which basically means like the most popular the most recent and we can sort by the new controversial top and rising.

I like to look at "hot" subreddits because it's the most recent and it has the most action. And basically how Reddit works is there's upvotes and downvotes and so the hivemind, the community of Reddit actually upvotes and downvotes things based on if they liked them. So you can see if something's popular to the masses before you actually engage with it and that's really important. That's the strategy that we're gonna teach you to make money with it.

Make money online using Reddit: how to?

Now what you want to go through the hottest posts of the past 24 hours or so which they're already ranked. And you want to find the actual posts and comments that you think are the funniest, that you think are the most engaging, that you think are the most clever, and just overall the best post that you can find.

Like your transport of 200 years in the past with a fully charged smartphone but no charger, what do you do? that's a great question that really sparks a lot of thoughts, so I might save this one go into the comments. And then I'm going to shower thoughts for example.
Shower thoughts is basically a community where you have like an interesting idea that doesn't really make sense while you're in the shower, but you have no one to share it with so you come to Reddit to share it.
 For example, using shirts you once wore outside as pajamas is the clothes version of retirement right like literally retiring a t-shirt to then be a pajama that you never actually wear outside the house. It's just like a funny little thing that kind of relates to a lot of people in a meaningful way.

Now we have few posts on reddit we see that there's comments inside of the posts; these comments. It's very important to keep these in mind because sometimes the funniest parts of posts are actually the first comment and if you're a redditor you know that it's all people always say the best content is in the first comment because the comments get uploaded as wel.

Make money online using Reddit:  The real strategy?

How do you actually transport and transform this into making a significant amount of money? well the idea that this article is based on is actually a channel on YouTube called comment Awards by cowbelly. They have 1.5 million subscribers, they made their account I believe less than two years ago so they've been doing this for 20-something months, so not a huge amount of time but what these guys do is basically make really curated results and so we can look and see if we go to social blade that cow comment Awards by cow belly makes a hundred and 61 thousand dollars per month estimated monthly earnings, one hundred and sixty one thousand estimated yearly earnings almost two million dollars; and we don't know whether or not that's actually low or high it could be higher than two million.
Make money online with reddit example cowbelly youtube channel

So this YouTube channel literally makes more than most CEOs in the entire world and they're doing this from anywhere in the world and literally sitting in their pajamas on their laptop just making these videos and so what are the videos that they actually make!
What we can do is we can come into common Awards we can go to videos and we can go to sort by most popular and what we see if we sort by most popular is we can see the literal videos that got the most views 3.5 million views. These are all a year old. I like to look at the ones that have a lot of views that were recent and so if we actually this this is literally a comment from this article could save your life from ask reddit we just looked at ask reddit which is ask reddit so all they've done is they've come in to ask reddit and they found something that they thought was funny that somebody else made and they literally created that into a montage of what they thought the funniest comments were. And so let's watch just like 10 seconds of one of these videos to see what happens and

so if we actually jump in and look at any one of their videos, you can see it's literally just a picture of the comment and they read the comment actually out loud using a computer voice called Hugh from the UK. If we actually play this for two seconds you'll see why you don't have to actually be able to speak English really well you don't have to have to do anything because you're not in the video yourself they're using a computer voice to do this with some very basic royalty-free music so check this out!

I don't like leaving anything out I'm gonna show you guys actually the exact voice they use and where they found it it's actually called UK English Hugh male and you can literally use him to read the reddit comments so you don't have to speak. So you don't have to speak and that's literally the voice that they use to actually overlay with all of these reddit comments. So all they're literally doing is choosing therefore favorite reddit comments from some of the funniest, most applicable to YouTube's audience actual subreddits like ask reddit, like TIFU, like memes, and like shower thoughts which just have a large relatability factor to the widest array of people and all they're doing is copy and paste in their favorite one to making it into a montage of their favorite highlights and then literally reading the comments and best top comments inside of the post using the UK english hugh male.
This is one of the best ideas that i've seen in a very long time, and these guys are literally making over 2 or close to 2 million dollars per year literally from their laptop at home without having to actually get on the camera at all, speak at all themselves. They're literally doing it 100% from their laptop from anywhere in the world you don't have to be any specific place, you don't even have to speak English well, you can use exactly what I've shown you to create such a large business actually doing this.

If you guys like the strategy,  I'm making these articles for you completely for free and even if this helps just one person it'll be worth it to me spending all the time doing the research trying this out making sure that it works and I do want to go back and answer the top comment. So if you have a question for me about this strategy about anything else comment down below whatever your question is and we will answer as many of them as we can.


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