Answer the Public - Finding new keywords with

Answer the Public - Finding new keywords with - In this article I'm gonna be sharing with you a fantastic tool that allows you to find the questions that people are typing into the search engines it's great for keyword research because a question type keyword is really good inspiration when it comes to creating content because once you've identified some great questions that people are entering into search engines in your specific niche you can then create content where you answer that question so all we're going to be using today is completely free so let's get started

Another great all in one tool for affiliate marketing is marketermagic, Give it a try and thank me later.

Answer the Public - Finding new keywords with
Answer the Public - Finding new keywords with

Now before you started if you're not already subscribed to my channel I would love to have you as a subscriber please click on the red button below the one that says subscribe on it and then click the bell to be notified when I upload new articles so this article is part of a playlist a series of articles series of 10 articles that I put together we've dug cunning tannot is an Amazon affiliate expert in these 10 articles we're going through everything to do with keywords and keyword research and Doug's fantastic keyword golden ratio formula that enables you to find keywords that have a strong possibility of ranking really quickly and really easily if you're not watch the rest of the playlist be sure to go back to article number 1 and watch it through in series it will make a lot more sense if you do it that way but anyway let's get on with this article the tall we're gonna be using is answer the public dot-com let me get on the computer and show you exactly how it works so we're doing is research around this website it's called boot boutique it's all around ladies boots it's an Amazon affiliate website that I created some time ago there is a full article tutorial on how I created the site on my channel I'll put a link to that article in the description now before we go much further if you've not already watched a article number free in this playlist which is all around finding keywords with the keywords everywhere browser extension then pause this article right now and go back to that article make sure that you watch it all the way through reason I say that is because the tool that I install in that article keywords everywhere works really well with it all I'm about to show you in this article are to the public so by having the keywords everywhere extension installed and active on your browser you'll get some more data coming through when you run the tools so if you haven't really done that I say pause this article look for the playlist 5 million I'm afraid it'll be called something like finding keywords we have keywords everywhere and watch that first and make sure that you install the browser extension and I've got it up and running so as I said this site is all around ladies boots it's already got some articles and things on it but let's go over to the school right now and start doing some research the tool can be found that answer the public comm it's a free tool and you don't need to install any software or anything like that you can just do it straight within your browser off this website so you get started all we need to do is type something into this box so let's start with something quite broad like lady's boots and it's putting together our report now so the first section is the questions section which as I mentioned the beginning article questions are really useful when it comes to getting inspiration for content because you can simply answer the question in an article or a article or whatever piece of content you're creating now a default it gives a kind of visual layout of the data like that which is it's kind of nice to look at but it's a little bit difficult to see what's going on so I like to switch to the data layout by clicking there then it nicely arranges everything like this so the first set of questions is around the how word so we've got held stretch ladies boots and how to buy ladies boots and how ladies boots or how ladies wear timberland boots they all sound like pretty good keyword ideas for articles next to it we've got our key words everywhere data so says you won't get this if you haven't got the key words everywhere extension installed it gives us the number of searches per month and it also gives us these tools here most importantly is the star which we can click to add the keywords to our list I've already added these as a favorite and remove them and add them just by clicking on the star but nothing for will or ah for which we got which ladies boots from fashion which ladies walking boots which best lady's walking boots so they're all great ideas for articles another similar one here for what so what ladies boots from fashion in fact some reason that's over here when it should be over there never mind ladies can can boots wow that's very niche and then here we go where to buy lady's boots below the question section we've got the pre positions so these are based like normal sort of keywords they're all quite long tail so again they'd make excellent ideas for articles so ladies put a non-slip soles ladies boots with ARC support or arch supports I should say ladies boots with laces so these are all great ideas for articles I mean if I was doing something that lady's boots with laces I'd put together a few paragraphs on why boots with laces are a good thing and then I can easily link off to various products on Amazon or if I'm running a Woo's own type site and I've got products on my site in the e-commerce section I can link straight through to those I put together an article of around a thousand words and yeah it's a great opportunity to link off to some great boots with laces let's do one more search and we go back up to top to do a new search we click on this big button up here it says new search let's go for one of the brands that I've got on the site which is oak boots and see what we get back so again I'm going to switch to the data view just wait a few moments for it to get the data so we've got a lot more questions for ugg boots 119 questions so why are boots so expensive why buy ugg boots where cells are boots could be quite good wear to repair our boots that's probably not such a good keyword because that implies someone's looking for a local repair shop or something like that these are quite good which I've boots are best do I boots run true-to-size it's style that one that could be a good one to to write an article about what I boots get ruined in the rain that could be a good one and then you could possibly talk about how you could protect your ugg boots and you know link off to some protection products which oak boots have removable insoles which I'll go to the warmest that could be a really good article especially as we get towards winter but there's loads and loads of questions and keywords here and I'll just simply go through tick the stars get myself a nice list and then with that list and you can find the list when you come up to your keywords everywhere at all and go to my favourite keywords with this list it's got some of the beer stuff in it as well I would go through then run each one of these keywords through the keyword golden ratio formula to determine which keywords gonna be the most likely to rank well on Google in the shortest time possible so that is answer the public comm be sure to check it out and use it when you're doing your keyword research that brings us the end of this article I hope you found it useful and I hope you're now able to go and find some fantastic keywords that you can create some content around as I said at the beginning this article is part of a playlist be sure to check out the rest of the articles I'll put the next and the previous article on the screen now to help you navigate if you're not already subscribed to my channel just click on the WP Eagle logo up there and also go and check out Doug's channel you can click on Doug's face up there until next time bye for now


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