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 I want to go over how to set up the Facebook pixel the right way in your click funnels account so hopefully this isn't too long, and I'm also assuming that you probably already have a Facebook you know Facebook account with an ad manager set up already for yourself so first things first that you like to do we do is go to the the sales funnel I'm gonna actually use the sales funnel that I've been sharing with you guys I'll link it in the description again if you want it it's the sales funnel that I use for a lot of my front-end sales so have that opened up and ready to go and then go to your Facebook pixel so the I just created a new Facebook pixel here for the e-commerce Empire builders and what you'll do here is that the code is set up if it's your first time logging in here it'll it'll just automatically try to it'll automatically put you through setup so I'll click setup here and I'll say manual and install the code myself or yourself and then open up a notepad if you have one if you have I hope you do if you're on the computer I'm really tired it's like 5:30 in the morning right now that's still I'm still drinking my bulletproof coffee I'm making this video and so excuse me if I mess up but okay so first thing you wanna do is grab your pixel code and this is your pixel code right here it's your default kind of page view pixel so we'll do this one step at a time and start configuring it on click phone so copy and paste that pixel code into click fun or into a notepad file and then head back over to clickfunnels so on clickfunnels what I like to do is you can go to the settings and set it in the head tracking code right here but I personally don't like doing that since sales funnels already there are only a few pages I like to set this up on each page myself so what you'll do is go to squeeze page and edit click settings up here tracking codes and under the head header code what you'll do is just copy and paste the page you pics and you know it's a pager because it says page you right there that is the pixel that will be fired when somebody visits this page now so just close that save it alright well exit out of this all right and now we're gonna now that's all we have to do that's all we have to do for our page view pixel now let's head over to the order form page so on the order form page you have options you can have it set to Add to Cart or initiate checkout whatever you want you could honestly tracking codes are just whatever you want them to be it Facebook calls them like Add to Cart initiate checkout but they're they can be anything like if you want to confuse yourself you could essentially put the purchase pixel here in a little fire it's it's whatever you want it to be and you can create custom ones if you want as well which I recommend you do later on down the line when you're a little bit more advanced and do that for your OTO pages like hey OTO one pixel was fired order to two pixel was fired I just wanted to let you know that but so what we'll do for the order form is we will do an initiate checkout and the reason I like to do initiate checkout is because I use the Add to Cart one on my Shopify store so I'll click Edit here and we already have our pixel in a notepad right here so what we need now is to add the event tracking code of initiate checkout so what we'll do if I can remember where it is okay yes they made it they changed it a little bit here what you could do you have all these options now and you don't have to do it exactly what I'm doing if you want it to be at the cart you could do it to Add to Cart it's up to you it doesn't it doesn't matter I just like to keep my click funnels and my Shopify store Add to Cart initiate checkout different and separate so what you could do is do in a shape check out copy that and what you'll do here is after you paste that into your notepad file the initiate check out is you'll just grab this little code snippet right here the fbq track initiate check out copy it and then come up here and paste it right over there right under the page view pixel because you still want the page view under there then copy and paste that code into the settings tracking code of your order form right so now when somebody lands on your order form page the initiate checkout pixel will fire exit out of this and click Save cool so exit once again back here and now we have one final pixel to install again later on down the line when you're a little bit more advanced I do recommend creating you could create pixels for your OTO or event Tracking's for your OTO pages which is a great thing to do if you're really remarketing your audience because you can essentially remarket people that you know took your initial product offerings on your order form and say OTO one but they didn't take OTO two or oto three so if you want to get defined like that you can you have that option I don't recommend doing that especially if you're starting out because you don't want to just get overloaded with information and start remarketing all these different things and you don't want to worry about that at least for a while B I recommend if until you're making probably like 50 grand a month then you could start worrying about retargeting people that didn't hit your OTO s and stuff like that and remarketing your OTO to them again but besides the point here we'll go to our Thank You page so we don't have to do anything on the OTO s here we don't have to do anything and we will click Edit on our confirmation page so what do we want to put here right here what will be is a purchase pixel so we come back to Facebook and we check the little purchase tab right and me personally guys this is me personal you can track of values for your conversions me since the funnel is it's essentially its variable somebody can pick one two four eight and then OTO s and the mix and stuff like that I personally do not care I about that I just want to know that a purchase was made or purchase it was not I can easily go into my Facebook Ads manager after a week of running ads check my sales and then check vs. my ad spent and if I'm making money fine I don't I'm not tracking the conversion value essentially it's not it's not that big of a deal you don't have to you'll know if you're if you're in the in the red or in the green and making it money so paste that also into your into your file here into your notepad file and copy that and whoops paste it right here in the purchase so you have your page you and your purchase right there and we're gonna copy that settings tracking codes in the header page you purchase and save perfect and that's it guys actually one more thing that I just like to do for good measure just because click funnels documentation does show it so I'll do it you don't need to under the settings when I said in the head tracking code I'll just add that page you pick so again so delete the purchase that we just had put in there and this is what this is basically gonna do is it adds this header code to every page which essentially it's we already have an order form and confirmation page but it'll also add it to the OTO pages so instead of going into each of those and you know putting it in yourself you just put it in there and you should be off to the races right here so page you pick so cool and just scroll down here and save and update settings guys that's it now once you're once you start sending some traffic you just click down here would you sort of sending some traffic you'll see some events popping up in your event manager or in your pixel manager here and seeing how everything is broke down you'll see your page you you'll see mine I have a lead right now on the e-commerce Empire builders website I had I'll have it set up yeah I'm just it's not live yet at least says at the time of this recording and I'm just testing stuff with it but yeah guys hope this video was helpful please like comment subscribe and also if you had need any help please comment as well I will I will get back to you so guys hope you have a wonderful day


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