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clickfunnels certainly has a ton of features in fact more than enough that's going to help you be able to get your product offer or service or maybe just want to generate leads or whatever it's going to be certainly going to be efficient enough for you to build and grow your online business so in this video I want to make it as quick as possible I'm gonna be running through a few funnels and then I'm gonna open up one funnel and kind of show you exactly what you can do when it comes to each page in section that should help you out plenty okay so first and foremost you can create pretty much any type of sales funnel that you like I'm gonna quickly go through these but as you can see you got auto webinar funnels for first squeeze page funnels application storefront cancellation membership funnels product launch funnels homepage funnels yes so if you have some type of website that would be the home page webinar funnel once again daily deals live demos hero funnels survey funnels ass campaign funnels some it funnels lead magnet funnels sales letter funnels video sales letter funnels tripwire funnels invisible funnels bridge funnels and of course squeeze page funnels that's not all of them that's just a few but I'm gonna go to the classic funnel builder just kind of show you how it is set up so I'm gonna do sell your product and let's do a sales funnel and let's do a test okay we've done test before let's do yet another let's do Bilt funnel and give it a sec alright so here we are and if you look on the left side you're going to see that we have the steps being a squeeze page this is a simple lead generation page okay there's over a hundred templates I believe just for the opt-in pages then we have our sales page we can sell something you get the order form which is very important that's we can check out order confirmation which pretty much confirms what they got shows the total and of course shows where to download and Thank You pages okay there's also going to be the OTO pages which I'll probably slip in but when you're getting started you would look for an option that you want to use I like clean I like simple I also like old-school and this is definitely an old-school one lets us go with a select template here and just like that we have our squeeze page now I'm not gonna actually go into the process of editing it that's more of an overview and so on and so forth but I want to show you the features that come along with this and the features definitely are templates because for every single type of funnel that you want to build there's going to be plenty of templates for you to choose from so now that we're on our sales page as you see under sale there's going to be many more templates to choose from I'd say there's quite a few for this as well a lot of these are mine that I've created in the past but for example let's just select this template and just to give you a good idea of what it'd be looking like I'm gonna open it up in a new window just to show you an example of a sales page and I'm not gonna go through the drag-and-drop builder yet but this is just an example if I was to open the drag-and-drop builder everything on here you can edit and that's the great thing about templates is that usually you want to find a template that you like and then you can change around the colors the font the pictures you know completely up to you it's gonna make your life much easier also you're gonna be a look at started much quicker which is what I really like about it the most next is go to order form and once again let's actually create a simple order form template I'm gonna go with the simple ones I love simple ones and a simple one would be one on the bottom where is it where is it where's it there's a lot of them actually so uh let's go to this I love this simple order form now since this is a clickfunnels features video I'm actually going to open the classic editor and show you a cool feature when it comes to this order form so yes like I said this is a clickfunnels features video and one of the best parts about there order forms are there order buttons so I'm actually gonna delete this and show you how to actually add it in when you go to the plus button you'll notice that it says order bump I'm gonna add to page and just like that since I have OCD I would have had the spacing so it's even on both sides about 15 and maybe 25 just so it's even on both sides you know OCD right there anyway this is one of those things it's one of the easiest ways to probably increase your revenue your profits when I first started doing this I had a 33 percent uptake on this so before I didn't have an order bump and then I added this in and then 33 percent everyone who bought also took this it's like free money so for an example if you were selling like a PDF you could do hey do you want the video course or the video version plus the audio version or maybe you would like an interview I did with an expert on a specific topic it's completely up to you and once again you can edit all the sections here you can change the colors you can change the price and so on and so forth and yes it integrates with stripe you can use PayPal too if you like however if you're going to be using this with PayPal you might need something separate this works what best with stripe because its credit card and then you can also do the one klick up cells which I'm gonna get to next all right and if you'll notice on the left we now have the OTO step however it's not in the right spot because it needs to follow the order form because when someone purchases then they're going to see the Osio so I'm gonna drag this right here and now it's in the perfect spot and what we can do is if we go to cells we go to one click up cells and of course once again they will have templates for this as well so let's just go to this let's do select template all right I'm gonna open this in a new window just so you can see what it's all about alright so here we are this is an example of an OTO page this is just a template so you can obviously there's plenty of templates to use here but what happens is after they purchased something else and they have their credit card in there the cool thing about this let's say they wanted this and it cost 47 dollars all they would need to do is click this button once and it would immediately add it to their cart like they wouldn't need to reenter their name their email their blood type the name of their fish and all that other annoying stuff you know you know if you've ever purchased with PayPal you would need to re-enter your name and email or sometimes with a credit card you got to do everything over again this allows the much smoother transaction for everyone okay it's much quicker it's much easier and the best part is that it can increase your conversions as long as you have a solid offer because obviously just one click is very helpful of course there's always the note button where if they don't need it they would click that and then they would go to the download aspect so anyway that's pretty much I tried to make this quick but it went longer there's so many more features when it comes to clickfunnels there's obviously the order confirmation to thank you this is just one sample funnel keep in mind you can do membership funnels you can do high ticket funnels you can do all those funnels I talked about previously and there's even many more features that comes along with click funnels but the cool thing is that you can actually try it out free for 14 days so I put a link down below simply click that I'll also be getting a ton of bonuses for you as well this video is long enough so just I'll put a link down below and then I'll also have my email so once you get started shoot me an email and I'll hook you up with at least ten sales funnels related bonuses any questions feel free to ask them down below and I hope you enjoy click funnels as much as I do


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