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Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial and absolutely everything for you to learn on how to get going with click funnels start introducing it into your your brand building and taking advantage of an incredible tool that we have today call click funnels as I've explained in the last couple of episodes the overview and the benefits there's so many benefits is so much so good using so much usefulness in in getting going with click funnels on the simplicity etc but what I want to do is I want to use this video to give you a bit of a an overview of the dashboard just so it becomes easy for you so you would know what to expect when you get going because when I joined click funnels I started and I you know you sort of blown away by and with anything's new you don't know how things look what how things go what everything means so this video is a simple introduction sort of see it's like a welcome into the dashboard welcome into the the click funnels software which ultimately allows you to get going with it and I wish I had this and I wish I had somebody just just to quickly share with me so from personal experience personal use well this is what this does that's what that does so that's why I wanted to create this one just to navigate the dashboard so this is the funnels dashboard this is what you'll see at the top here you can go to the home page you can go to action ethics back pack and click funnels now this is the ultimate tutorial for click funnel so we're not going to go into backpack and action it action ethics well the most likely to do that in a different tutorial but you can see from here you can go funnels contact sales funnel marketplace and build a funnel very very easy to get started with it and all the funnels that you've ever created will be down there the sort of this side here gives you a bit of information about different funnel the number of funnels that you've got different pages that you've got and some more training there if you if you ever sort of need it and there's different things you can do favorite phonology to shared funnels there's all these different things that you can do but once you get going with any of these so this is sort of a these five shared funnels these are something that I'm giving away a pack of these ultimate tutorials so you're going to get access to the basic opt-in the video opt-in the the coaching funnel and I'll share with you at the end of the video and how you can get access to them but let's just go on to the online app trade mastery this is a an experience that I created and I'll just share with you how it sort of all works and on the left-hand side here you've got the the sort of flow of your click funnels so it starts with an opt-in then there's a sales page then there's an order page then there's a thank-you page an order confirmation and membership access and then membership area so this this is what you need if you wanted to add a step you just click on add a step and what it will do then is you just have to change the name of the funnel so you just give it a name give it a path there's this there's so many different things you can do at this point and there's so many different steps that you can include with upsells and down cells and webinar pages and opt basic opt-ins sales pages membership pages there's so many things that you can do at this point and let me just open a couple of these or just to just to give you an idea of how things work where things are you can see I'm just going to open all this order page and I'm also going to open up the the membership page we're going to get into real deep on how to create all this just because I sort spent all this and I spent a long time trying to figure all this out I thought do you know what I just want to give this this away in tutorials just to give you an idea this is the order form and for the experience so you can see sort of like flashing sort banner at the top you can see that there's a enrollment form there there's all the things that you're going to get here the values incredible of this there's images this sort of feedback from customers and and people that have been and experience that there's testimonials there's these images here big title that's just there it's sort of all the farmers there's even like this button here that they can that can chat to me directly which is which is great and this it's so so easy just to click on on all of these and if I was to sort of click on let's say I was just to put my information in here what you can see it goes it opens up into the order page so currently I've got 50% off this one so the customer can then just stop put their their details in and place the order and then they get transferred over to the next page in the funnel okay and this is sort of the next page in the form from there would be the Thank You page the confirmation in the the membership access and in the membership area what I'm gonna do is I'm going to open up the the membership area just to give you a bit of an idea on how it all works here so you can see how things are going in here and so while this opens up you can see you can edit anything here you can edit at all there's like the the image there's down there there's sort of side here and you can do what you want your lessons to look like all these things are fantastic wouldn't get really deeper into all this in terms of the how to build your membership how to build everything so I want to give you a bit of a look around the dashboard see how things go this is inside the the online app has master experience so you can see you've got the the welcome to the experience you've got the work I've got work booking here I've got introduction to the experience here I've got sort of the the morning session the afternoon session I've got business got there's so many different things here bonus and all these things inside here that you can create but you can create on your own sort of journey which is fantastic everything is so straightforward in terms of the dashboard because everything is there you can see here that you've got like your settings if you've got your statistics let me just click on settings there's other things that you can do inside the settings and which we're all gonna we're going to break all this down the name the group tag the domain so you can sort add the means here if you wanted to which I'll have a lesson coming on shortly you can you can add sort of different elements so I just shared with you the Facebook and the chat which goes directly to me you can add that you can add it to your payments account there's different integrations that you can do with slack and with Google sheets and MailChimp and Google and Gmail and I think that you want PayPal is all here very very straightforward you know don't be don't be overwhelmed by the way that this looks don't be overwhelmed by this dashboard because it is they've made it so so straightforward you've got the steps they've even give you a checklist you know there's a there's a launch checklist that you can check to make sure everything is operating as per you should so like you know you've got the steps everybody everything's ticked everything's there all God all connected all ready to go ready to launch so you know exactly sort of if you've got to do this right or wrong and that's what they saw tutorial this epic tutorial the playlist is all about so and you know once you get going into this and once you get started and get looking around it get using it they've got a great sales pages with this as well a part of this I want to invite you to get the pre-built click funnels as well and basically wanted to give this away for a number of reasons I wish I had it I think it's a fantastic opportunity if you want to build your own brand and I want to give away thought these five three funnels that I have within my operations and the AG bill and I want to give them away to you so if there's links in the description below to the free course there's give you so much away there they sort of free em the five three funnels as well the basic the video of the coach in the daily challenge the membership all these things that I bill all in the description below and want to thank you so much for watching and continuing to watch this tutorial we are going to get into the the nuts and bolts of it now I just wanted to speak more from it give you a good overview guidance of interested what is this get into it learn it and now let's get sort of build in and and setting it up for you so this is kept from life success engineer calm get the conversation started down below let me know where you're at any questions no problem whatsoever I'll answer anything that you have because again I wish I had the same kept here from life success engineer calm see you in the next video [Music]


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