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I'm gonna show you how to get the cheapest plan that clickfunnels little known $19 a month it's the share funnel plan you can only get it if someone shares links from their account to you so I'm going to leave a bunch of different share funnels high-quality templates so you can get started within your own account and then after this I'm gonna transition to the most comprehensive training that we're seen on share funnels so hope you like it we'll see you next time hey what's going on everybody this is James first fellow funnel hacker dream car winner just wanted to bring you one of the most comprehensive trainings on the topic of the share funnel plan it's kind of been this thing that people talked about known about it's not the most exciting at $19 a month but I could be a nice tool in your tool belt when you're promoting click falls so like I said I recently won the dream cart so I have got a little bit of experience with all this in fact it's part of this training I signed up for a shara funnel plan myself let's just start out with the basics here and you know what is the sheriff on a plane the sheriff on a plan can only be initiated from someone else that has a $97 or 297 dollar a month plan and the only way you can get the sheriff on a plane is if is if someone with that plan uses their Sheriff on a link and gives it to you okay so if I just come in here let's say like this let's see here like this lawn care follow okay so I come in here pick any funnel you go to the settings up here and at the bottom of every funnel when you're on the higher plans it has this share funnel URL okay so that's how you initiate a share funnel plan so what you're gonna do is take that share funnel URL and you will go ahead and do an incognito window and basically pretend as if you're someone else getting started for the first time and that is a key point is that if this is an existing email it's been associated with clickfunnels you're probably gonna run into issues where they've already recognized the email and so this is something that works best in an incognito window and with a brand new email okay otherwise you might face issue where you have to reach out to support and get them special approval to get this plan okay so and if you are interested in click follows active campaign affiliate marketing definitely invite you to subscribe to my channel here so here's an example it pulls in the funnel it gives you a little preview right of what you're getting and here's the thing though is that within embedded in this you'll notice that my affiliate ID is not present okay and but you have to know that embedded in this somehow and they're sitting click funnel system you're getting the credit and we'll show you how that that maps up your click funnels dashboard in the commission report section so let's get back to this sign up here so we put in a test email so okay Hearst and let's do it's ten thirty six pm ten thirty six at okay and we'll create a password will start the 14-day free trial okay so look at that now so we haven't even paid for anything yet okay and you can see right here this is the key area what you're looking for is this limited share funnels only plan what does it say it says share follow only plan limited to three funnels that have been shared with you you can only edit and use these funnels without the ability to add new ones or new pages I actually think that's false so there's a little bit of false information based on the stuff that I've done with my testing so this plan actually seems to be a little bit more capable than what they're they're pointing to here for whatever reason okay so it's just $19 a month and you still get the 14-day free trial so you would just select that now notice here it does take a credit card credit card on file to start the free the free trial before we even do that though if I go look at the refering account and go look at the dashboard we should see that that email has already come through as a referred affiliate and this would be important to know later so you can kind of you know get a hold of this you know this signature of what of what they're doing in your account okay so if I go to the very last page here of my emails sure enough you can see there is the email I just use Oh Jay Hearst 10:36 p.m. and so it's showing up as a referred affiliate my automations see a follow up pearl will pick that up okay and so that actually doesn't email anything right away because that's just the initial part of the signature of what they're doing in the commission site it's gonna wait and see if it becomes associated with a trial or some other purchase but at least know that that's where at least this tracking starts happening on the backend it starts right there as an as a referred affiliate and that's at this point that's all they've done is they've just entered an email address and so then if you were to come along in here and actually fill out the credit card information and then activate your account now then you would be brought in to the sheriff funnel plan account and I'll show you that right now so this is what it looks like on the backend inside of a shair funnel account plan so here's the limitations you have you have three funnels right and then you have up to ten pages between those three so average of three point three finals what would put you pretty close at three point three would be that that'd be like nine point nine so pages you only get ten pages visitors you get a thousand visitors per month okay contacts I don't think that's gonna be a problem you get about a million or so those 999 million whatever cool so one of the cool things that is nice to know is that you actually get access to funnel biller secrets light right out of the gate so you can go ahead and start a new account here with funnel builder secrets and get some awesome expensive training for free that's Russell's present to you to try to teach you how to use funnels and actually make be successful with it okay you got your affiliate earnings in your dashboard over here but here's the thing so when you that initial funnel right that was shared with you maybe you wanted it maybe you don't like you have only three to work with and so if you come over here to funnels you'll see that you can actually archive the funnels as well okay so I've had this account up and I have a bunch of my funnels that I've archived okay so here's all these archive I could restore these so the good thing about it is is that no matter with what funnel you started with maybe have nothing you have no interest in the lawn care funnel you can you know archive the funnel and then make brand-new funnels as well okay so let's do that so if I wanted to come over here to conquer the hero funnel and then let's say I wanted to just archive that one because I didn't want it anymore but I do want this one actually so I'm not gonna archive that one so let's go back to this one here you can see there's my funnel step so I've got six steps total I'm gonna go to settings here and then I'm going to go to archive okay I think this is just an awesome plan for anybody that's brand-new to this and they just want to start learning a tool and kind of get over that initial you know how do I use this and cuz there's a lot there's a there's definitely got a hook up the autoresponder you gotta set up stripe and all that stuff is functionality that comes with it so if we go back here you'll see that it says hey you can setup stripe so setup click falls pay versus via stripe okay you can setup your emails to send you know with active campaign for example it's the one I highly recommend so come over here to integrations and you can [Music] an active campaign or an email third party email tool Aweber drip convertkit you can just hook up that and then you also get it looks like a free domain as well so you can still get that free domain that clickfunnels gives you if you want to make that nice and easy just go here and get your domain okay so now one interesting thing and a limitation of this plan is the fact that if I'm only on the share funnels only plan then I'm actually missing out on the very functionality of getting a share funnel URL okay and here you see share funnel only plans cannot reshare funnels upgrade to unlock click funnels true potential okay and that's huge that's interesting that that see this is truly the secrets of the share funnel plan you can't even see that text unless you highlight it so what does that mean it means you you are limited you can still be an affiliate okay so this account still has an affiliate dashboard has an affiliate ID okay you don't have to purchase anything to be an affiliate but what you are missing out on is the ability to use the share funnel tactic as an affiliate okay so what else is there to cover the fact that you can go make any funnel you want that you the fact that you can edit the funnel okay you don't have to just take what was given to you and then cite it live you can go make these your own just like any other click funnels funnel you just come in here and edit the page and you can change out the image change out the text make it your own okay so share funnel training 101 right and you save that and you are off to the races okay so what if you want to make a brand new funnel well you just got to stay within the three funnel limit there and right now we've got two so we would be qualified to have another funnel you can pick anything okay so if I wanted to add a reverse squeeze page funnel I just come over here and grab that and then I can pull this into my account all right here I'll take the Jaison reverse squeeze page funnel and I'll hit get funnel and pull that into my account okay so some of the other questions that we're out there let me go ahead and review those so we've got the question of you know do you get to play the game right so does the share funnel plan qualify to play the game and and get the laptop stickers and get the clickfunnels funnel hacker t-shirt and yes it does so if you just come over here you play your game and let's see here go to one that you haven't done so you can you know get the stickers here on this first game you get the laptop stickers shipped out to your house here you get the make your first hero funnel and get the funnel hacker t-shirt made so what does it look like if you're an affiliate and you're looking for this to come through on your on your dashboard let me kind of show you what the pattern you'll look for in there and unfortunately unfortunately they don't give you that much to go off of so this is kind of something that could definitely be improved on click funnels end but basically what you're gonna see here is you're gonna see like a first thing so jet and Hearst and you'll see like a date right and then your sub IDs sub ID one and sub ID - those aren't gonna be blank okay and the product the CF product it may say trial for a little bit but even when you do get that first payment it's just gonna be blank okay and so the only thing I can think of is that it's someone basically ops in to your funnel and you tag them as interested in the share funnel plan and so then if they match this other signature of not having any sub IDs and then if that product amount dollars if the amount dollars is 760 then that's a pretty good indicator so this is a $19 plan and just like all the other plans you get 40% so times 0.4 equals 760 I have not yet confirmed this but if someone is on the sheriff on a planet and then they upgrade I think it's safe to say that you're gonna get the credit for that right that the affiliate cookies stuck to them and that's what I like about this plan is that this is a low barrier to entry for someone to be introduced to clickfunnels through like a viral share funnel or business in a box type strategy this can be a way to lower that cost of entry get people exposed to this this awesome tool and then as they outgrow their plan they'll grow with you with the trainings grow with clickfunnels and then you'll be able to increase the lifetime value of the customer and get them upgraded from the share funnel plan up to $97 a month and then up to 297 a month or final hacks so that is kind of my master class on share funnels let me know if you ever have any questions on that but hopefully that is good coverage it's got some limitations but even it's actually more powerful and capable than they were selling it as when you were signing up so this is a great plan one of my favorite share funnels to do with this is a click funnels training right I think it makes sense that someone's new for this that they can get a click funnels training and go through the training themselves they can use the secret membership area a URL to use it as a lead magnet to give the train to other people and really start building their list so I think it's a great opportunity for clickfunnels training share funnel or like a business in a box or viral share funnel to get people started with online marketing so again this is James Hearst and thanks for tuning in we'll catch you next time bye


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