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I'm excited for you because in a few minutes from right now you have a chance to start playing with actionetrics now actionetrics is by far the biggest upgrade done to the clickfunnels platform to date and something that I've been begging developers for since day one because I know I needed I got so sick and tired of integrating with with all these other services right with integrating with autoresponders and all these things and you know cliff phone still works that way where if you want and you have an autoresponder you love you can go and you can you can integrate into clickfunnels but if you want something different and you want something better that's what action NX is all about now action X is a new program and it's gonna continue to evolve over the next year to two years and be able to do a whole bunch of really really cool things in fact you probably watched a little explainer video that showed you the future of where we're going and what's happening inside clickfunnels and I'm pretty sure that inspired you and got you really really excited but wonder now is I want to show you what's available inside of clickfunnels and inside of action X today because this is what you're gonna have a chance to start using so I got a really quick demo video I'm just gonna show you the basics of how to use action etics okay because soon as you figure out how it works it becomes really really simple but usually you know right first when I first started using I need someone look on my shoulder and say Russell do this and and try this and kind of this is how it works and so I wanna do it with you really quick and after you watch this quick demo video then we're gonna unlock action text inside of your account and you'll be able to go in there and play with it and have a ton of fun with it so that's kind of game plan right now so whatever news I'm going to show you has a quick demo video and how to use action etics and then you're gonna unlock it and be able to cardsharp playing with it so come on over here and I'm gonna show you exactly how to use action enix right now okay so the first thing I want to show you is the contact profile section of action etics now this is something that's gonna keep getting cooler and cooler because as people join any of your email lists and they buy your products we start gathering that date and we try to find out as much as we can about about that person we want to find out what social networks are subscribed you want to find out what magazines they read whether you know how much money they make their demographics as much stuff as possible and you'll see that some of these features are in action X now some will be adding in the near future but that's why this is so cool it's not a contact profiles you can you can really dig deep and start seeing a lot about your people so you first come here obviously you'll see I mean contacts you have new people people have unsubscribed you can import contacts as well you can search for different people if you want down here you start seeing a bunch your subscribers and your customers so I'm gonna click on one person randomly so you kind of see what action X lets you see about that person okay alright so when I come in here you'll notice a whole bunch of really cool things and the first thing I want to I want to show you over here is the actions corks this is the coolest part out action etics is that we assign a score to every single person who enters into your into any of your funnels it has to do with a bunch of different things the main things are recency frequency monetary value and also their social score so those are the four core things were looking for so this person score right now is 50 now if I come over here and if I hover on any of these bands I'll be able to see more specifically what each thing is if I have this green band right here its frequency I was only a 1% which means she hasn't purchased from me very frequently looks like she's only purchased from me once probably the next band out here is now my recency score so how recently has she interacted with me so 94% means it was pretty recent that she actually interacted them an email or came to one of my funnels or did something which is a good sign next right here is value this is the monetary value how much money is this person actually worth to me so the score is pretty low at only five point six I mean she hasn't purchased very often from me and then the last one here is social which is the 30% which means her email address that she is used is associated with some social media accounts which is a very important thing we found that somebody whose e-mail address is tied to a social media account on average is worth about 80 times as much as someone who gives you an email address that's not associated with a social media account so that's the big one as well so that gives us kind of overall social squirtle site her school right here is 22 now well here you see it pulls in a picture if we've got one pulls in all our information phone numbers everything we have other person it'll show here it also shows you what social networks an email address is associated with so it's not socially with all of them but associated with three here now if she had them with you know a whole bunch of other social networks her social score to go from 30 to maybe 80 or 90 or even a hundred percent so that's kind of how we can see how valuable this person actually is to you and obviously the actions score kind of kind of moves around based on what they're doing what they're buying and and so it gives you a really good picture of what's happening okay now if I come down here I can see the contact profile I can see you know when were they first seen in my funnel and they last seen as much information as we can pull from them over here it shows me what she's purchased so she bought the dot-com secrets book the feeling that promoted to her was Jeff Walker I came out here I can see if she's bought any membership sites she's not subscribed to any of my membership sites I get to an email she's gotten from from inside action etics and she's not gonna email some action nedick's looks like and then recent activity I can see what pages in the funnel she's hit and when she hit them so I kind of spy on her and see hey is she coming back how often she's she coming there and what's what's happening so it gives you a really good idea of what's happening with that person and so that is kind of the cool thing about action ex is the contact profile so you can see a lot more about your people and you'll see in the near future we're building out something called Smart list they'll be able you'll be able to actually create different lists based on who people are so you say anyone's got a social score over 50 add them to this list now you got a specialist it's just based on a certain type of people that are on your list or anyone who has purchased more than three times from me add me and Adam to one of my hot buyer list or anyone who was interact with me recently in the last seven days add them to this smart list so you can create really cool criteria and then based on on what we know about was people will automatically add people into those lists so smart lists are coming really really soon but I want to show you first though is just our basic email lists okay now I want to show you how we set up email lists now email lists are very similar in other software to be it's kind of like a tagging system so I'm setting up different lists for all of the different types of people that I may have in different segments I have my list right so for example for me I recently set up an affiliate list I haven't added anyone to it yet but I might fill a list I have one of my broadcasts let's rest then at my newsletter - I also have a seedless like creating a seedless every Mike I send out I also sent to the seed list and I'll show you how to do that in the in the broadcast section but that way I can see what all my emails look like I've got ones for my four different soap opera sequences for my coaching application forms a different buyer lists so I create different lists for different things sometimes came for your buyers sometimes you do them for people who registered for webinar people who register for webinar we didn't show up or people who showed up when they left early or you can create lists on pretty much anything you can dream up and so I like doing initially when I come in here as I started thinking what are the lists I have in my different parts of my business right my webinar funnels like what what different lists what I like to have a net you know maybe I want I want a list for any one who's you-know-who again who registered and sure my webinar and I wanted different list people who didn't show up so I can go and I can create lists really really quickly so I'm gonna create a list really quick I'm gonna call this one webinar reg registrant but no show didn't show up and then I'll tag this called webinar demo so I'll tag it here and that quick I just created a list so lists are very very easy to set up it's the next logical question I get people all times now my list is set up I got a list here how do I get people to join that list like what's the what's the trick and so that comes back now to your funnel so I'm gonna come over here I'm gonna open up the funnel section and click funnels and I'm just gonna add a really quick demo funnel for me I'm gonna do a webinar one and I'll do webinar replay I'm gonna do webinar demo just you guys can see how simple and how easy it is to get people added over into these into these lists okay so here's my here's my typical webinar automated webinar funnel and obviously I'm not going to build that out in this video I just wanted to show you really quick this tab is decided click phone so you may not have used at this point and if you have used action X I'm gonna show it to you so if you come right here that says automation so what happens here automation is when somebody comes to this page what do you want to have happen what kind of automation so I click here and by default you'll notice that click phones builds out a whole bunch of cool emails in here for your auto webinars but let's just say we wanted to get rid of all these emails and we didn't want to use the the default ones want to make them very personal and we want to do it through action attic so for me typically I go through and I just delete all these you'll see why here in a second so on webinar registration page we got some different segments we've got everybody who registered people who showed up but they register but they missed the webinar people who attended but then they stayed on webinar they left early and people who saw the offer they didn't buy and people who purchased these are different segments we have an automated webinar funnel so if you come back to action etics remember we set up a list called webinar registrants no-shows so i'm gonna do is that right here we got these guys registered for webinar but they didn't show up so I'm gonna come out here I'm gonna say add new action and I say no-shows I'll be my thing condition to everyone who who missed the webinar integrate with clickfunnels I'm going to add them to a list and what lists might Adam to add with this new little list we set up now I do you create funnel action and now when somebody registers this page if they they register and they don't show up the webinar automatically click funnels will immediately add them to this list does that make sense okay if I want do the same thing like everyone the registers for my webinar let's say I want to add a list so I come back to action etics and add a list and I call it all webinar registrants okay so I make I make a new list for everyone who registered for the webinar now it's now all registrants get it I come back over here and then I can go and I can add a new action I say all registrant and then I condition this is for people for everyone everyone who registered integration with click funnels action no doubt into a list I'm gonna add them to my webinar registers list create a funnel action and now everything registers will get this this action which says add them over here to this list okay and that's how simple and how easy it is I can exact same thing on let's say an opt in funnel okay so let me create one really quick we'll do it really fast if I create a basic opt in funnel and I come right here and build the funnel now typically when you uh if I can find one really quick all right typically what I pick when I'm building an opt-in page right and I want to integrate the email autoresponder I do that inside of the click felons editor right if you've done before if you've done Aweber or get response or MailChimp or one of the other ones when you're in the editor you go and you you select email integration and you integrate here right but I don't have to do that here inside of action X let's come straight to the automation tab and I say when anybody's subscribed when a sent of someone comes here and they and they put their email address in I click on add a new action join my list to everybody and then what list so on an atom tool my cup secret soap opera sequence let's say I create new funnel action now anybody who comes to this page here so they do that they will automatically be added to as soon as they opt-in they'll be added to my to my list so that's kind of how we go and we get people now to join all of these different email lists that we've built here okay now I'm gonna show you in the next video I'm gonna show you guys how to send an email broadcast any of these lists and the last thing I'm gonna show you now is how to make it when someone joins us list how do I send out a sequence of emails so I said you know once I know this email to send out this email three so now this text message email for you know I'm take them off or take them off this list but add them to this list and you can do a whole bunch of really cool things I'll show you guys in the next two videos okay next thing I want to show you guys how to do an email broadcast the first step you come right here you click on add new email broadcast after I click on that it'll give me the ability now to to set up everything I need for email broadcast so the first step is a subject line so check out this awesome email okay whose is gonna be from so my name when what email list I want send it to you click on here shows you all your different email lists I'm gonna send it just to my seed list okay and I say don't send this now or later so I'm probably gonna be sending this now so leave if I want to delay it or I click here and it'll give me the ability to pick when I want that to actually go out when I'm gonna send it now then I click down here and here are some different email templates that are in here so you pick one that you like so I'm just gonna grab one real quick let's say I use this template so I click on that and now I can see my email a little demo a little preview of it here right now imma show you how cool this is the the click funnels and the action text email editor so I click on here an open email editor you'll see that now just like the clickfunnels editor i let an editor i can edit these emails and make them look pretty amazing so they're pretty cool so the first thing is is I can come down so let's just em to come here and I can I can delete this row so I'll delete this let's say I want to come down I want to add something so come the bottom and say add a new row there won't be one row two rows three rows will say I add three rows I guess right here I'm gonna move it up to the very top so I can have it for my new top header it's like these little arrows it'll move it up to the top I got here I click on add new element I can add a text headline an image element a button divider a bullet point a calendar or social media links and the future will add more options but these are the cords right now so I'm at an image I manage here and I can go in here I can put in let's say one of my logos or I can put in whatever I want there so I'm gonna come down here and just grab my grab my logo just to save us time for this video but you guys will see how it all work so I've pasted my logo in here and my logo there and I can add an element here if I wanted to add a button you know say I wanna say buy my stuff now I got a button go to whatever I like let's say it's eBay oops something like that I can't have a button here I can make it I can shrink my button size down things like that and I can add in let's say a divider now obviously this isn't a good good email design and logo button divider but just to show you guys how simple this to work then I can save this email I click on preview it'll pop out I can see oh that's what my email looks like looks pretty cut it looks pretty cool I can change it if I need to but that's just kind of how how works just like the clickfunnels editor it's very simple and easy to go and edit for me it's a lot of fun you love action nedick's okay so I got that I'm gonna delete this top bar because it turned out not cool but hopefully illustrate what we needed to do I come today I can believe different things but I'm just gonna save that now I can also edit the pre header sometimes if you look at an email comes through on your phone you'll see I could pre header or char showing the first couple lines if you want to do this you can you can use this as almost like a second headline so I'll say something like this be sure to open this email it's awesome mmm and now when someone sees that inside there they'll see they're the from name so my firm name my subject line plus we'll see this first line so I can edit that here which is kind of cool otherwise the email later will kind of pull some random lime out of here and sometimes they pulling stuff that you don't really want so it's kind of cool how the pre hitter here also your page settings we're going to change the font so the background color or things like that are all here as well but that is how simple is to add emails inside the clickfunnels email editor now I have it done let's say okay I want to broadcast this so I'm gonna say send it now so I click right here on send email and the seed list I chose it's instantly going to go and send out that email to the seed list if I scroll down here you'll see see and send emails action etics sending now and so as they start coming in you'll see how many will open how many clicks what the conversion rates were able to kind of see those things on your email broadcast so that is how we do an actual email broadcast inside of clickfunnels and then go to my actual email and I can see boom there is the email look how awesome and amazing it looks so that's how simple you guys it is to send out a broadcast email okay the last thing I want to show you and this is probably my favorite part about action etics is the action funnels now basically somebody joins any one of your email lists you can then add them into an action funnel an action funnel has a whole bunch of steps that happen to that person okay and so you can see I've set up a bunch here in my company but it's very simple and easy to do so I'm going to say add new action funnel imma call this one cause webinar demo okay and it's I set it up I say what lists to sign so when somebody joins my webinar registrants when they join my webinar so soon they during the webinar add them to this action funnel so that's the list so I chose the list and here's the action funnel I click create new action funnel this is where the fun happens I can be just come through and add a whole bunch different steps here as you'll see right now the the core steps you can add our email text message you could also add an internal click funnels action sequences and I'll show you that here in a second but in the near future maybe I'll add even more things a whole bunch of other cool things like changing the sales funnel on-the-fly doing a bunch of other amazing things as well so those are all coming but I'll show you what we've got right now so the first step now is I add my first step the first step I'm gonna say is I'm gonna make this an actual action I'm gonna say take off of other lists when do i trigger zero so I'm gonna happen means I add a new funnel step so what I want when someone joins my list I don't want them getting a hump punch email so much for the list my first thing I do is I'm taking off other lists I'll show you how to do that right here click on settings this is get action click phones and turtle what to do remove from list I think said remove will escape room from my broadcast list so this is my newsletter so take them off my newsletter list so all they're getting now is that okay now when I want my wonder is that the end of my secret some of them I want to add them back on that list I'm gonna add another step that says add back to newsletter so I'm gonna make this one goats after day 10 and this is an action so I add that now you'll see that my last day in this action funnel as I come here I'm going to add them now back into my newsletter lists they'll be added back in so that's kind of cool I like a little to be getting the end of an action funnel and now if you want to dig deeper you can you can add new rule groups and saying well for only people who have so much social you know following only people who are in this funnel or only people bought this product you can you can dig deeper and do a whole bunch of techy stuff so you know they bought they bought this product from me then then do this but if not then don't for most you guys you're not going to use this for the smart guys who are smarter than me you can definitely do that but I definitely don't use that very often again so come here and the next things after I create any any step by default is pause okay cuz I don't wanna like be working on something else and other people getting emails so soon as you're done with it click on paused set it to live and then boom now when someone comes that step is now live in the sequence okay now minutes are adding some emails so I'm gonna say get awesome email number one will be my first step I might have that one trigger immediately as well and that's gonna be email so I add new final step he's something to get an awesome email that I'm gonna add another step let's say I'm a set of text message get awesome text message so I'm gonna text him I'll have that happen immediately as well guess what happens really cool soon as somebody joins this action funnel I take off my other email lists they're getting an email and again a text message all immediately okay now I'm gonna say day one day one indoctrination video so I'm a sent an email I'm have this happen one day at this step it's now day one they're gonna get this email and say day number two video now they're gonna get this one on day two and so free I kind of build out like what I want my sequence to look like and I come here and I just start building it out and it's really fun as you can see so I'll keep building this thing out and they three they're gonna give that and I'll say day four for a cinema text message so I'll say text message here on day four and again I keep buildings out for as long as complex as you want let's just say we have that right now right so now I come here to the actual emails I click right here and now I can write the email so I pick with email template I want for this email so I grab email template basically just like I did with the broadcast email I'm gonna go and go in and edit that email alright now I can go in I can open the email editor I can edit it just like we did before what's cool is that you can come back here and see like how people right now are on this step okay so there's like it could be there's 300 people tomorrow getting this email and this how many email has been sent so far how many been open and click so you kinda see step by step in your sequence how many people are flowing through this any given time which is really cool so now that email is there now again it's pause so I got after I done editing the email then I go night unpause it make it live and boom now they'll get that email okay and I keeping that to the rest of the sequence and so that's how it works you guys it's really fun and really easy here's my text message and I click settings what's the message gonna be check your email for or cool stuff okay and I got shoes my you know my integration as well update text now Trulia will text that out to everybody if I have their 530 email address sites got unpause it make it live and boom now that's there so that's the core and how we use action funnels now some of you guys are asking and you know how do we you know how do we stepped Willie oh how do you setup the email and the SMTP for these emails to go out inside your account come up here go to settings when you're in settings so the first thing you come to SMTV settings and here's we're gonna set up where your emails are coming from so for me I send all my emails from San grid so I set my standard credentials here now I'll emails come out from San grid down here on integrations you can click right here on text messages integrations and here I said Twilio so you said Twilio and now take care of all of your text messages and so in settings is where you set up where all these things are coming from from action the next where are the emails being sent from where are the text messages being sent from and things like that and so that's kind of last step and so that you guys is how we use action etics all right so what do you think are you excited as I am like I love action etics is giving me the ability to do what I couldn't do with dozens of other software programs all in one spot it's all inside of my clickfunnels account I can now see everything about my customers all in one spot which is amazing so I'm excited I hope you're excited as well now that you watch that demo video now you can unlock action X in your account there should be button down below or on the side or somewhere click on that it will open up action etics and you'll have a chance to start using it and start having fun with it and this is a gift from us from clickfunnels it's something that we're passionate about we're excited to keep developing as part of the product and hope you love it as well


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