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A lot of people following this blog are active users of Shopify which handles your inventory of your products and the styling process of your products on line and as you've probably seen I've started using clickfunnels and making videos surrounding clicks and I was - on this channel which is a software that allows you to build a sales funnel which basically does all of the online marketing and increases the chances of selling products online and what I recently noticed when I went to the integration section of click funnels is you can actually integrate Shopify and click funnels together if we scroll down here we can see the Shopify integration so this video is going to be looking at the shop I click integration and telling you how by connecting the two you can rapidly increase the sales of your Shopify products and this is going to be a completely theory based video talking you over the concepts and the theory around why connecting these two products will work if I can get 50 comments and 100 likes on this review I'll go ahead and make a complete technical tutorial showing you exactly how to do the technical side of connecting those two products together so if I get those bikes and comment I'll Road there's demand for that and I'll go ahead and make that technical video separately but as I mentioned before this is going to be theory based on how using a sales funnel with your Shopify store will increase your sales so let's look at this Shopify store as an example so the way this integration is really gonna work for you as a travefy store owner is if you already have a store set up like this Shopify store here that I've found and you have some products that are stunning and you kind of know what your best selling products are already I think a click for all sales funnel focusing on those single products it's gonna be where you're gonna get a most benefit with this integration or on the other hand if you have a new point you've just launched and you want to drive attention to that single new product the Shopify Eclipse integration is gonna be for you so say that we're the owners of this super gadget store that we're on now and we know that this drone camera is all about better selling products we deserve a sales funnel by using click funnels driving people to that drone product and basically increasing likelihood of them buying the product so let's just quickly look at sales funnels here's cook diagram basically showing you what a sales funnel and I'm going to run through each of these steps in more detail in a second but basically what a sales funnel does is it takes visitors to your store so you basically get attention you get a big pool of visitors that's at the top here where you've got the awareness level and it eventually drills those people down through your funnel through your process and brings them to the stage where they purchase your products and then finally they become a loyal fans of your brand and do repeat purchases in the future so sales funnel is the process of funneling people down from general visitors to paying customers so as you can see from the shop by article I've got a fear even Shopify says every Shopify store needs a marketing and sales funnel so they recognize the value in having a funnel a sales funnel is a completely old established proven concept that all is going to increase the likelihood of you selling an online product so coupling a sales funnel your Shopify store it's just a no-brainer and as you can see here if we go back to the trick funnels homepage and we scroll down we can see that click funnels have built into their software funnels that allow ecommerce store owners to spell their products better so if you click here we can see that they have a whole set of tools available for helping online store owners the old sales funnels that are gonna help them sell their online products so back to the sales funnel that you would be building with click funnels how does the sales funnel work and how are you gonna help you increase the sales of your Shopify products Wow it starts off by getting people at the top of the funnel and driving them down to the bottom and it takes them through different stages so the first day of this funnel is the awareness day so that's basically where you get someone's attention so a completely new person never heard of you before you're getting their attention and making them aware of your brand then you're going to take them through to the discovery stage where they discover a product that you have to offer then they're gonna go through an evaluation stage where they're evaluating whether it's the right product for them or not and then you're basically going to provide them with some intention so no to their intention to buy your product so basically present arguments in cases as to why your product is going to benefit them customer and finally you get them through to the stage where they purchase your products so if sales photo it's basically a dedicated webpage or series of web pages that takes people through different processes through these different stages of funnel to eventually result in the becoming a paying customer and the way that they click federal sales funnel that you makers work a long time your Shopify store it would be a separate website sitting above your Shopify store promoting a single product maybe having a sales video in there having sex in there it's gonna really present an argument and prevent a case for the person to buy your product and basically driving people to buy your product on or off my store and if you're completely new to service photos i've got a video on the photo is completely separate list that you can go and watch i put a link i've up here i think that was going to be or down in the description so you can click that and watch and learn more about sales funnels but let's just move back onto the clickfunnels Shopify integration and how you can use that to sell more top of my products so if you've integrated click funnels and Shopify together and you're ready to make your sales funnel now what well a sales funnel has two basic main stages the first stage is the email capture page so this is your landing page where you're basically gonna collect a customer's email address or potential customers email address and the reason you're gonna want to do that is because if you lose contact that person further down your sales funnel right before they buy your products you're gonna have their email address so you can go back and contact them you get in the future and further persuade them to buy your product so this is a landing page that you're going to use to be able to email if you can see it says list at the top because that's going to be your list building web page so it's a landing page and basically what most people do is they have a thing called a lead magnet so this is like a free thing you give away to someone to encourage them to give you your email address so in this example the lead magnet is a free video teaching people how to do something you can give people away free training videos you can give a free pdf to someone anything basically that's gonna persuade someone to give you their email address down here in the opt-in stage so the landing page has two sections to summarize the lead magnet at the top and then the email capture section at the bottom and the purpose of this first stage of the sales funnel is to capture people's email addresses so if you go back to the photo for reference quickly you are going to now have their awareness because they've got your landing page they've discovered you and you've got their email address so even if they close up the webpage close up to your sales funnel you can still go back with emails and send them through the rest of your sales funnel now what method are you to get people to my landing page is YouTube videos just like this I'll make a video and I'll put a link to my landing page which you can see a template up here my landing page in the description of my videos I've just finished from free training of how you can use YouTube yourself to get people into your sales funnel so to raise awareness and to sell products that make you down the line if you want to have that free training then I'll put the link to my training below come to the landing page pop your email address in here and it'll take you through to some 40-minute free training of how to use YouTube to get people into your sales funnel capture their email address and then take them further through the sales funnel and span that product and looking back at the landing page template do you see what I just did there that was a landing page that I just drove me to myself to get back onto my computer this page here that just link to in the description this is one of my landing pages that I personally use and as you can see I've got my lead magnet which is the free training video I mentioned the top here and the opt-in section here where I'm get people to opt-in it completely correlates to the template I showed you here and that is a page I've made myself in click funnels which is basically starting off my sales funnel so that's how the sales funnel works at start and the next thing after that is once they've given you your email address you'll take him and through to a sales page like this a page of a headline maybe a video in it that basically teaches people about your product and basically encourages the device to give some reasons why they want to buy your products and then a order now button at the bottom so that's the basic photo you're gonna be able to build with click funnels when you integrate it into Shopify here's the model in a diagram you see here you've got your squeeze page which is another name for a landing page this is where you capture people's email addresses and then you take them through to the sales page you promote your Shopify products and you make your sale and one thing I actually forgot to draw here is a line between emails and sales page so even if you get a prospective customers email address on the squeeze page landing page and they drop off I'm gonna put on a for making the sale on the sales page you have their email address and you can they all send people emails sending them through to your sales page so capture my email is such an important thing such an important component following something there clickfunnels it's gonna allow you to do with the landing pages that you build within my software so I'll show you my photo as a quick example where the sales put on you make them click funnels here is my opt-in page where people to give me their email addresses and it section through to this sales page where I'm selling my digital product and that is exactly what the click funnels Shopify integrations don't allow you to do you're gonna be able make your sales funnel with click funnels send people to that funnel anyway you know how so maybe through your blog maybe through social media advertising maybe through your website send people to the new sales probably feel through your individual products present them with a reason to buy your individual product so with the Shopify store like this or you can really do is have your image of the products and a description of why people should buy that product on your page so it doesn't really warm people up much it's not that effective in converting a new visitor to a sale it's just a text and image page but by adding that sale is put on top of it showing a video of the item talking through the points and why people should buy the product maybe how its benefited you and then send them them through to the sales page they're more likely to buy your products and how quick photo Shopify work together is any additional sales notes through your clip and/or sales funnel is also tracked in Shopify so if you make a sale in your funnel of one of these drones for instance you start one it's gonna register with Shopify that you saw one product in Shopify it's gonna take one off the quantity count in Shopify and also it's going to structure that you need to then ship the product to the customer so the actual sales transaction is done separately through your clipper or sales funnel but it also seeks up and registered with Shopify in any processes that you have like coded in Shopify so maybe automated shipping and that sort of stuff is handled through Shopify so I thought this was a really cool integration that I just go this week and I want to let you know as an audience the way Mary got both interested in five and click on using a sales phone as well you have to tell just one product so you can sow that polit and you can send it to the next page obviously another point they'll be interested in another product after that so you can basically start a chain of purchasing through your sales photo it's gonna be tracked in Shopify changing your quantity counters and doing all that stuff in the background so I think this is a really powerful setup to boost your existing starting products and to also launch new products it started off by focusing on one product in particular presenting a big case for why people should buy that product and then you can add additional purchase suggestions on it the owners fear I'd recommend any ones who like to investigate this stuff if you want to get sort of either Shopify or click but if you're not already using it I'll put a link to both of those software in the description and using the links below you're gonna get a two week free trial with Shopify and also I think some months through trial with clip panels I'll write into the description whether some middle two weeks you're getting a free trial user movements below and I just think it's a great way of launching new products selling currently existing products and also increasing the average customer value because you'll do list episode ourselves those suggestions do clearly say more products with a single customer visit so increasing the average customer value per customer that comes from your store so there's links below to any software I've mentioned in this video if you want to see that technical video of me showing you exactly how to get this set up how they stick the tour all of that stuff like I said 50 comments 100 likes I'll definitely go ahead and make up the other future I don't get that much comments and life and I know that it's not really much interest in that thanks for watching start stocking up all about passive incomes hips just like this video so ecommerce rocks shipping passive income like affiliate marketing all of that stuff is covered on this channel subscribe if you're not I subscribed and you've got values in this video because the videos are just like this I'm Greg thanks for watching the video really appreciated your company see you very soon bye


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