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how much does clickfunnels cost let's talk about pricing shall we because really that's all you care about when you talk about clickfunnels or any software program what's it gonna cost me every month I'm here to answer that question there's three actual tears of clickfunnels pricing and the first one is the best one because the first one is free if you go over here and let me actually just take you to the clickfunnels page if we reload it you'll see that it says sign me up for the free demo and this is no joke this is a free demo so if you want clickfunnels it's free for 14 days that's 2 weeks for those of you that are horrible at math or aren't familiar with the american calendar system but it's 2 weeks for free you can build full funnels you can launch full funnels you can use pretty much every facet of the basic click funnels plan when you get that free account and then it's really easy to do after 14 days you'll just be upgraded automatically once you put in your credit card information so I mean when people say you can get click funnels for free or there's a free plan that's no joke if you've never used it before there is a free plan you just click here and it'll say sign me up for the free demo and there you go there's a click funnels training all this kind of stuff I have a link to this by the way in the description of this video or in the comment section where have you looked there you should be able to find it and you can click you can come right to this page and you can get your free demo for 14 days now after 14 days how much does it cost easy $97 a month $97 a month is the clock cost of the basic click funnels plan and once you once you get your free account by the way you'll get this hold this is my dashboard this is what my dashboard looks like and you'll get something just like this when you sign up for the free plan everybody who gets it no matter who signs up no matter what plan you're on gets access to this dashboard this is that look it's got the date in there it's got your picture it tells you how many funnels you can build how many visitors you've had over here there's your gross revenue daily account-wide I'm not doing so well today but today's young we're gonna we're gonna fix it we're gonna get that up if you're an affiliate there's affiliate look I have $1 an affiliate commission so far today 481 so oh there's all you can get a free t-shirt there's all kinds of great stuff in here and this is all part of the free program after 14 days you're charged $97 to continue and then you can have access to well here I'll show you I found this online and this is this actually is really pretty up full let me just zoom in and this shows you that click funnels has the two different subscription options there's the $97 plan and the 297 dollar plan and you're wondering probably what's the difference well here we go click the main difference of the plans are the number of landing pages and sales funnels allocated per month if you're gonna be doing a lot of different offers a lot of different funnels or get this this is exciting if you're gonna start your own funnel building agency and you want to be able to build funnels for your clients if you're a facebook advertising agency or if you're in a media social media marketing agency and you want to be able to build funnels for your clients then you're definitely gonna want unlimited funnels if you just have one website or two websites that you're trying to enhance that you're trying to grow revenue from from then one or two funnels might be sufficient so with the $97 basic per month plan you get 20 funnels that's good to start you know that's how I started to let me know everybody even though I've been doing this for years even though I have the Edison suite even though I have the you know the big plan even though I can make unlimited funnels and even though I travel around the country now as part of the click funnel speaking team I started just like you're gonna start with a free plan I found a link I clicked on it just like you're gonna go to the description of this video click on it and I started with my 14-day free trial and I went in there every day and I worked it and I figured it out and I learned and I talked to people in the community which I'll get to here in just a minute and then I upgraded to the $97 plan and I'll be honest with you I was on the $97 plan for 6 to 7 months for a really long time that was sufficient but if but eventually I got to the point where I needed more anyway so back to this so for $97 per month you get 20 funnels you get a hundred landing pages you get twenty thousand people in because this is all traffic cuz this is all hosted by click funnels so you'd have to worry about hosting or anything but you get twenty thousand people per month now this is where I ran into an issue there luckily my funnel became so popular and I had some great marketing campaigns and what I was able to do was to get a lot of traffic and my traffic was overwhelming people were coming to my page and they couldn't see it so I had to upgrade but that's a good problem to have and I'm gonna be honest with you I was making way more money than it cost me to upgrade my plan plus I got so much or a be split tests yes email integration yes free trial 14-day same for the Edison sweet except everything is unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited a beasts let this is let me show you what this means here so if you look over here and let me make sure you guys can see this if you look over here basically what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna blow this up a little bit because I want you to be able to see this look over here under my under my bald head oh here it is it says contact I currently have eight thousand one hundred and sixty eight of of unlimited contacts and now a contact is somebody that you can write to it somebody you can email someone you can you know contact when you want them to to know something or learn something or watch your new YouTube video or buy your latest product whatever you want to do you can get in touch with these people and and you get you get unlimited contacts with that edison's we plan visitors 707 of ten like ten million I can have unlimited visitors it's uh you know this is this is how many people can come to my website every single month pages I have an unlimited amount of pages funnels forty three I have 43 funnels right now can you believe it you're probably thinking forty what the hell do you do with forty three funnels I know it's a little excessive but but I have 43 funnels and I'm allowed it says 9999 but it that number never goes up if I started if I created like ten more funnels today it would still say I have oh wait what's going on here it would still say I have I have the same amount of funnels left so anyway that that's basically how much does click funnels cost now there's a couple of other things that you get with the Edison sweet with the clickfunnels basic package you can build all the funnels you want you can click here the new funnel all that but you won't have access to action etics or backpack and these are things that are really stellar if you want to say create an affiliate program for your product and have other people sell your product for a commission if you want to have action funnels follow-up funnels if you want to send broadcasts all these things you need to have the 297 dollar plan now I told you in the title of this I was gonna tell you how to save a thousand dollars and this is something not everybody can tell you all right let me go I'll make it you know what I'm gonna bring my head up high there we go this is something not everybody can tell you or maybe they can but they won't and this is no lie when people sign up for click funnels especially the Edison suite account they can't they end up canceling a lot of other stuff that they don't need for example web designers are gone you don't need any of those email autoresponders you don't need any of those graphics programs you don't need any of those programmers you don't need any of those if you have a hosting company you don't need any of that people will end up saving $1000 because they can cancel their subsequent programs and if you don't believe me go through go through your look at all your receipts that you received this month because I know if you're like I was you have a receipt from Aweber or MailChimp or this company or that company and you've got your Bluehost and you've got this and that and who knows what other things you've upgraded to but you can take care of all of those you can get rid of him you don't need a web designer you don't need instant page you don't need leadpages you don't need Infusionsoft you don't need any of that stuff you can you can you can cancel all those accounts that'll pay for your $297 Edison suite and it'll probably put more money in your pocket at the end of the month because you can do all of it with clickfunnels everything that you can do with all those other programs action ethics look at this contacts email is broadcast you can create email lists and send them predetermined email campaigns that you've lined up you can send out a broadcast to every single person that you look I can go in here to broadcasts right now let me make sure you can still see this yeah I can go into broadcasts right now and I can do look I can do let's say I want to do a new broadcast right click new email broadcast and I have it's gonna ask me who do I want to send it to let's say I send it to I'm gonna send it to everybody which is 8,000 175 people I can just say hi you know what's up peeps like I'm not gonna send this but this will go out to all 8,000 175 of my contacts and they've got all these they've got all these cool templates and things it's really I mean it's really it's really incredible so if you have an autoresponder like get response or Aweber or MailChimp or anything cancel it and put that money towards clickfunnels so that how much does click funnels cost so just to recap let me recap for you one more time you've got the free account but you can get right now click the link in this description video try it out try out click funnels for free for four two weeks and if after two weeks I'm gonna be honest with you if you play for this every day if you play with this every day for two weeks and you're still not convinced you need it and can use it to grow your business you're never gonna be convinced you should be convinced after the first day but if after two weeks it's not for you trust me everybody who hangs on to this for two weeks stays through the two week trial and signs up for the $97 a month program which again for what you get twenty funnels 20 a one hundred landing pages twenty thousand people traffic ad split test email integration all this stuff it's remarkable and then of course the Edison suite which is the big package now that's something I would definitely recommend if not at first like I'm not gonna say you jump right into that it may be too much to handle I'm gonna say start with the free trial and then I'm gonna say we'll stay on at least for a month or two with the $97 program and then when you really start making some money when you really start seeing progress and revenue from these funnels then kick it up a notch BAM like Emeril says get the Edison suite get in there start using action etics start sending broadcast start start the segmenting your list and really really just you know drive it on home that's that's my suggestion to you anyway so there you have it that's that's clickfunnels pricing if you have any questions you can always comment here below in the videos you can DM me or email me or just go online and find whatever you want I'm here I'm here for you but definitely if you haven't yet click on the link in this video description click on the link in the comments and and get yourself that free trial it's absolutely free you can cancel anytime all right there you go click funnels pricing I'll talk to you guys soon how much does clickfunnels cost you


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