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Clickfunnels is a software program that came out a few years ago and I jumped onboard approximately one year ago to build out my wife and my membership program and our entire membership website now i'm using some kind of advanced things on the front end of the funnel that's the way we've structured our opt-in our sales letter and our upsell I if you're interested in learning more about this you want to check out my six-figure membership final hack and also the mike dillard list grow video because that covers the exact type of funnel that we're using with clickfunnels then on the back end of the funnel we've got kind of the membership area and that's really what we're going to look at in this video so if you're talking about the front end of the membership final go see those videos the links are in the description below and what we're going to look at in this is the actual kind of user experience of the members area if you've never played with or use clickfunnels you can get a 14-day free trial i definitely recommend giving it a shot and using it going through the trial it's free and it really it's a really powerful system if you don't have a tech person on your team or if you're not that technically savvy if the thought of installing WordPress and configuring pop plugins and kind of getting your own theme installed and customized if that freaks you out clickfunnels very well could be a great option for you to build your membership program so with enough talking at this point now let's jump right in Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion i'm gonna move myself out of the way and let's go inside we're gonna start inside of clickfunnels itself and let me go ahead and make the perfect so you can see up here we're inside of clickfunnels and the angel solution is indeed the funnel or website where my membership runs the Angels solution is my wife and I make angel meditations and we deliver them on a regular basis we've been delivering them for about four years and every month they get two new ones so you'll see right here on the front end we have the opt-in and that takes them this is my funnel down the left if this is all new to you in clickfunnels you just essentially stack the pages on top of each other so we've got my opt-in page this is the sales video after the sales video they go to the checkout page after the checkout page they go to the welcome page which is actually a one-time offer and this is where I offer them an upsell which I talk about in the other video in the six fun are the six figure funnel hack and then they go to the thank you page and the membership access and the membership area page so let's really look at the membership area and what happens when you create a new funnel in clickfunnels like a membership funnel you just go start a new funnel and essentially tell you what a membership funnel it puts all of these pages in place for you all you have to do is fill out your content and choose your themes and build it out so the process of building it is really simple and really quick which is one of the benefits the challenge comes in and you'll get a kind of feel for this is so these are all of this is all my content you can see the drip schedule which is the schedule as which it unlocks and as you notice as I'm scrolling down we have a ton of content it is in a word it's overwhelming our users to be perfectly honest I'm still scrolling these are still things this is about one year of content you can see on it like 327 day trip we even took less than 13 months 13 we push that out for right now but really 365 day trip so you can see we've got over a year content and this programmer building is a two-year program so not only are we gonna have this these 12 months but we're also going to have another 12 months stacked onto it and we're really starting to question clickfunnels as a long-term solution for our kind of membership system so what I've jumped over to here is as you can see up top this is where they access the member area so i'm going to go in real quick and I can remember my login think that's it and show you the actual kind of a user side of things so this is inside that let me send her the videos you can kind of get a more centered view this is kind of the the center view so this is the membership as you notice so these are a few limitations are when your membership gets really large know if you notice we're just at membership area is the URL once we login there's a few links that we can put up top and you'll notice these go to actual pages which is really nice and we tell them how to manage your help and the logout button but over here where they actually get the sessions if you notice this bar the nav bar on the left it automatically opens and so it pushes down to 13 months now if someone wants to look through some of the other navigation they can quickly push all of their content down and down and down now on desktop this isn't terrible but when you're on a mobile phone and you have that navigation sitting up top all kind of nested together and you start to open things it can become on mobile it's not a great experience now one of the challenges I have with let's go month to and let's go ahead and just take this 1st earth sky meditation here player download up so that actually brought me excuse me this is going to load it sorry it's this we're using Amazon's s3 as our product delivery and that actually just delivered the Amazon the the item right here so what I'm what I wanted to show you here is as i'm clicking from months 72 month 9 watch the URL up here it actually doesn't change so i have no way in my email to my members to say hey months 7 is now unlocked for you go get it here because of the way they've developed their membership system it's kind of a software thing and there's no real work around there is a hack a guy has a script that would allow me to give these URLs but when the user logs in it strips that identifier off the URL and they just come to this homepage so it wouldn't work unless they're already logged in which isn't a great solution so now you can see on the newest sessions when i click here it's still the same membership area music sessions still the same membership area here so this is one of the challenges now if you have a small membership system that only has 10 deliverables are you know like five modules and three lessons in every module that can work that could be plenty I i would think that would actually be a sufficient this system would be sufficient for that but for me delivering 200-plus pieces of content over the course of 24 months this is actually getting to be a little bit out of control and you notice like when I come down here I'm solo on a bike lick and it doesn't actually pull me to the top one every load you can tell it reloads so I've had customers who have said you know hey is this working like I'm actually trying to I don't know if it's working I don't know if I'm getting you know what I'm trying to get out of this like I click and it doesn't seem like anything loading sometimes you can see it when there's a lot of items but when there's not or when it's really low they don't really know what's going on now my target market is women in their fifties and sixties so it's they're not necessarily the the most technically savvy individuals if your market is internet marketers or I younger individuals who are a little more tech-savvy you can kind of maybe get away with something like this so really this is inside of the membership area there is not a lot you can do to customize it there's one guy who has some custom scripts i don't like going into custom stuff I expected them to do more work within this membership area and at the funnel hacking live event in san diego in February they said publicly that they're really not planning on doing much with this member's area so this is the layout that you get your content loads over here in the container the navigation stays here you're able to nest the navigation but it does load automatically open and on mobile it's not the best experience when somebody has to pop down on on mobile it just pushes all the content down we've just kind of taught our people that you got a scroll down on mobile like just keep going it's below where you think it is because they'll click the navigation item they won't see the page change because it doesn't change the pager on and they think nothing happened but they just have to scroll down and actually it did load below and they once they learn that they get that so what am i doing i'm actually going to be moving my membership program off of clickfunnels I'm gonna be moving on to a wordpress based system but I'm keeping clickfunnels in the front end i'm going to leave the entire funnel i'm gonna leave the opt-in the sales page the check out the upsell will leave all of that on the front end and i'm going to be using active campaign and active member 360 and I'm going to push the customer information out to a wordpress site that's going to give me more control i'm going to be able to manage the navigation and put some of these items on the navigation i'm going to be able to deep link to different items specifically i'll actually be able to do deep link to individual courses and individual course components which is a big deal for my customer support when they get these questions like hey where can I find this item to have them be able to send an email and say here it is it's the URL that should look like newest session month / month to write like this is what we should be able to send people to and it should load a specific item which isn't how they work so that was my frustration with the membership area honestly this membership system and the funnel and the front end has done wonder like amazing for my business has been wonderful it is literally revolutionized my business so I love clickfunnels on that side I just figured you might be interested in keeping in kind of in behind the scenes as to what an active membership looks like in clickfunnels it's all really easy to manage so what we do is we simply kind of one more in here we want to just stop in the members area we are able to just create new components and we can edit the whole membership design globally and this is why there's that limit to what you can do when you click this open editor and you enter edit the membership design what you're editing is kind of the top and the sidebar and then this main container area so it just has example it's this is how they work because everything loads in this section so all I can really manage is this side and then a little bit on this top bar and what loads in here and how it loads on the URL we don't have control over that it's all JavaScript I don't wanna start customizing something on clickfunnels because they don't support it and I'm honestly not smart enough to figure that out i will break things more often than haha fix them so c'est la vie right I guess thats that's what happens all in all I think this has been an absolute fantastic step for us this wasn't the final kind of finished location this was kind of a step on a path and it'sit's work really well for us which has been great but we are going to be migrating onto something that offers us a little bit more flexibility now that we're getting longer and longer lists and just so you know like right here we've got all these lessons all we do to add a new lesson you come down here and you can see it says add new lesson at bottom line switches over so the sections are these bigger areas and these are the main navigation items and then the lessons are these sub components so we're able to create them and once we've created them they end up here we can edit them individually and were able to modify the number of days that it drips out which is really kind of cool so if you want to see inside the editor real quick you're still with me i'm assuming that's because you're very interested in this as a membership so I do want to come to show everything I can watch gotcha so you can see this is like that inside of that container that I was showing you so it's the normal functionality over here from clickfunnels right my normal components to edit it i can click i can edit the description i can put in my little sub-item components and then I just load my s3 links here behind these buttons click Save and it works like a champ i'm going to stay on page and then to change the date on it you just simply click i believe it's this one right here on this little editor window and you're able to change the date on what the trip is super simple to manage on the backend again if you've got a membership program that's going to be running three four five modules if it's kind of a fixed duration a six-week program to three-month program click funnels could be an absolute fantastic option if you're building something out that's literally going to end up with hundreds of components over the course of one to two years you may want to consider using a wordpress based option active member active campaign are pretty cool functionalities right now you get a lot of the infusion soft type of functionality and again I'm using clickfunnels on the front-end meaning my opt-in page my sales page my checkout page all of these and my oto all of these pages are still going to be loading on clickfunnels it's simply this membership area that I'm moving off to wordpress I'm taking this off because i have a technology background i have a team of people who know how to put this together i'm not actually going to be integrating this myself my developer my designer and my integration specialist are taking care of it again been doing this for quite a few years so that's not for everyone i recommend building trying to find a home building it in one place and keeping it there if you can do that at all which is why I've kind of gone the lengthy here so I'm gonna wrap it about 15 minutes thank you very much for your time my name is again Miles Beckler this has been a view inside of my Clickfunnels membership area in case you're thinking about using Clickfunnels for your membership website go ahead and click subscribe if you want my new videos as they come out here on YouTube and give you a thumbs up on the video if you liked it here on YouTube and leave me a comment if you have any questions I'm happy to answer your comments i do appreciate your time to have a great day and happy marketing view_moduleinsert_charttrending_up


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