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I'm gonna go over clickfunnels pricing how you can get started with clickfunnels for free and why I ended up choosing clickfunnels after trying out five different website builders now before going over the pricing options I want to tell you that if you do choose to use clickfunnels I would sign up through an affiliate link or someone's link because clickfunnels has a very strong community and most of the time people will give you a bonus if you sign up under their link now I offer a bonus which I'll get into more towards the end of this video but this is what the page is going to look like when someone refers you to click funnels okay if you're going to come to this page this is a share funnel code that I share with people which is one of my bonuses that I'll talk about later on but basically you can get your 14-day free trial so I recommend starting click funnels on a 14-day free trial just to get started to check out the platform and make sure that you like what clickfunnels has to offer so let's go ahead and log into this right here okay I'm gonna log in put my email and make up a password start 14-day free trial okay and we're gonna come to this page right here okay now this is the page where it's gonna talk about what clickfunnels has to offer they have two different pricing plans I personally have the Edison suite which is two hundred ninety seven a month okay so it's a little bit more of a premium I don't recommend you get that if you're just starting out you don't have to go for the more expensive plan that's just something I chose because basically it offers an email integration system affiliate center you can have so many different things with the more expensive plan now the basic plan works perfectly fine you can build up to 20 funnels you can you know basically use all the things that you need to get started with click funnels with this ninety seven a month plan now if you're someone who wants to just have you know a pretty pictures on your website and you don't want to make any money from home or you don't want to make money from your website click funnels is probably not the best choice for you okay I would use something like wicks or Squarespace now those are all website builders that I've used but personally I wanted to make a lot of money from home from a website and with those types of sites I wasn't able to do that because there was no sales funnel process okay and I'm gonna kind of get into that what that means let me go ahead and exit out of this and I'm gonna show you exactly what I mean so we're here in my click funnels dashboard I have the more expensive plan but again you can sign up for the 97 plan and start up for free 14 days try it out they offer refunds if you you know don't add up liking it or you can cancel before the free trial ends so there's no risk and the best part about click funnels and why I like click funnels over all the other website builders is number one it's very very easy to use number two they have great customer support and number three they have awesome culture okay I really care about you know learning more about the platform and click funnels Russell Brunson the founder of click funnels he offers all these different courses that are totally free that actually show you how to make money with click funnels okay because that's the whole point here we want to be able to build a lifestyle of freedom be able to work from home and generate some passive income through our websites and you know if you're if you want to work make a side income or maybe you want to make this a full-time thing then click funnels is gonna be the way to go okay as you can see you know I'm making money from one of my sites and I'm gonna kind of go into that and show you what it looks like and kind of explain what a sales funnel is versus a traditional website okay so let's go ahead and go into my my business okay and basically this is what a sales funnel looks like so there are so many pages right there's like one there's ten pages here now a traditional website will have a home page right and then there's a bunch of different buttons like an about me contact page products other products like they have all these different buttons right and people land on that page and most of the time they will click a few buttons and then leave okay but with a sales funnel okay we're walking someone through a process so when they come on to our website we want to sell our product or service maybe it's a digital product or a physical product or maybe it's just some information that we want someone to click our affiliate link so we get a commission now this is what a sales process looks like okay someone comes to an opt-in page right they come to this opt-in page right here they put in their email now we're collecting emails and we're building an asset online okay now we can follow up with that person if they don't purchase our product see we have a video sales letter our first product second product third product fourth product and then our free value page where we give offer some free value maybe some training or a free product that they can go ahead and use and test out okay so that's why I like click funnels you can get started for free for 14 days they do have the $97 plan which is what I started with then I upgraded to the two $97 a month plan because I wanted to integrate my email autoresponder okay I wanted to be able to email people directly through my click funnels account so that I don't have to go log into my email autoresponder or some other third party site everything is right here I literally am building my make money online business through click funnels okay everything is on this platform and is very easy to use now let's go ahead and talk about my bonus okay so I'm gonna have two bonuses here now if you want to start click funnels on a 14-day free trial I'm gonna include that link down below okay number two if you choose to you know if you want to make money online with click funnels I have it done for you business ok this is basically the done-for-you business that I'm going to give you it's already profiting okay if I go into my stats right here I'm gonna show you okay and it's been 45 days since I started this business okay so click funnels is a platform where you can start a business from scratch and in 45 days I've already made you know and this is just in clicks stripe alone click funnels alone about seven thousand but I've made an additional four thousand dollars in product sales affiliate Commission's stuff like that okay so this is I'm gonna give you this business and I'm also gonna include that link down below ok so there's gonna be two links there's gonna be one two the 14-day free trial which you could get started you know basically for free start try it out if you do want to do this business if you want my business for free and training I'm gonna include that second link I would go ahead and start your 14 day free trial then jump into my done for your business I'm also gonna include the one funnel away challenge now this is my biggest bonus here okay the one funnel way challenge is basically a program that Russell Brunson the founder of click funnels created to help you in 30 days go from zero to building a funnel that can generate you know a million dollars okay I'm not saying that you're gonna make a million dollars in 30 days obviously not it's gonna take longer than that but he's gonna show you the process that it takes to build a profitable funnel in 30 days so you can start profiting after 30 days okay so if you do choose to join the one funnel way challenge which is I bought the challenges as you know one of my favorite programs that I've ever purchased because number one they have interviews from millionaires that all use click funnels these are all multi millionaires that have used click funnels and they show you exactly what funnels they're using and how they used it to make millions and millions of dollars ok so that is why I chose to purchase a program because I wanted to watch some of these interviews and also see their game plan because they do include a game plan inside these interviews and I'll just go to one for instance Steven Larson right you can download his 30 day game plan on how he would build his million dollar funnel if he lost everything okay so if you choose to join the one funnel away challenge I will include that in the third link down below I'm gonna give you a done-for-you business for free as well as a coaching call all you have to do is purchase the one funnel way challenge through my and the third link in the description and then send me an email that you did that okay so hopefully this was helpful if you choose to use clickfunnels great awesome I look forward to you making a lot of money online and becoming successful if you choose not to that's totally fine there's other websites you can use other website builders that are probably better for you know just building a blog site or something that you don't really want to make money from that's totally fine okay there's definitely cheaper options out there less expensive options like wicks or Squarespace or GoDaddy or something like that but if you do want to make money online click funnels is going to be your best bet because you can build a sales funnel through it and they have awesome customer support okay you can literally go to their help desk right here and get help and they will respond to you within you know fifteen to thirty minutes right away you know and you can they're gonna answer any of your questions you have that is a very big thing for me because when I don't know you know a certain thing when I get stuck on a certain you know building something in my funnel then I need help right away and they get back to you other website builders that I've used I've had to be on the phone for 30 to 45 minutes before I can even reach an operator and that was a big problem for me because I don't know how to code I don't know how to do any of that and with click funnels you don't have to know how to code or do any of that it's just drag-and-drop in fact I can build a funnel right now for you in literally one minute okay so if we wanted to build a quick funnel right let's just say we wanted to sell our product we're gonna go here press choose let's just say we want to build a sales funnel okay we're gonna choose that we're going to be call it sales funnel number one I'm going to build the funnel okay and we can go ahead let that load up and as you can see in less than one minute I have a squeeze page a sales page an order form order confirmation in a Thank You page okay so I have a complete sales funnel with nice templates that I can choose from right I can choose this template if I wanted to this one looks nice and we'll just preview it right this is a template you can choose and edit you can literally you know take switch out these pictures switch out the words but it's all there for you so I really like clickfunnels because you know it's not the least expensive option but it's the best value for what you get if you want to make money from home from your website okay so hopefully you enjoyed this video again the links will be down below if you do decide to get one of those things email me at Ryan at Ryan hildreth comm and let me know if you got one of those things so that I could give you my bonus okay look forward to your success and take care


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