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today we're going to talk about sharing funnels within click funnels and how to import a share funnel and then basically once you import that funnel things that you need to do to make it your own so I'll go over when you have a share funnel that you want to import into your account how to do that how to go through some things that you want to change and then also if you don't already have the click funnels account I'll show you how to do that as well and then I'll also show you how you can get a pretty inexpensive click funnels account if you only want to use it for share funnels you can actually get a click funnels account for like $19 a month if the only thing that you want to use it for is share funnels so we'll go through all that and then at the end I'll talk about some funnels that I'll actually share with you guys so let's just start right from the beginning so let's say that you see somebody sheriff I know that you're really lucky you're like god man that's a sweet share funnel and I'm gonna download that and import it into my click funnels account or maybe you don't have one yet and you know you're kind of familiar with what click funnels is and you don't know where to start and you see somebody share a funnel and you want to import that to kind of get you started so you're on somebody's page somewhere and you see import funnel or get a share funnel so you'll click that and then if you don't have a click funnels account it will take you to a page to make a free trial so that you can import that funnel right because if you don't have an account there's nowhere to import to I mean what are you supposed to do with it because if you import it into your account then you can edit it and make it your own and then use it for your own purposes and things like that so all you would do is start a 14-day free trial and I'll leave a link in the description below if you want to get a 14-day free trial for click funnels and then like I said if you want to have an account that's just for share funnels you can actually do that for $19 a month as at the time of this video it's $19 a month there's an option to do that once you create your free account you know you won't have access to all of the features that click funnels has to offer which is a lot but you can use it solely for share funnels importing share files and then using them and it's pretty inexpensive compared to the $97 version regular version of click funnels so now let's assume that you import this funnel you either already had a click funnels account or you just went right here you made your 14-day free trial real quick and then actually before you do that it will give you like a little preview what the funnel looks like that you're getting ready to import but then once you start a free trial or your for your quick funnels user either way now you already have a clickfunnels account so what it'll look like when you're inside your click funnels account is you'll actually have a section with all your shared funnels right here all your share files so you can have as many as you want and these are just all different funnels as you can import you know a lot of people will share funnels and things like that that they have with other people on you know if you're in like network marketing a lot of those people will share funnels with each other or if you're in like a similar business somebody else you know like Philly you know a lot of marketers will share funnels with each other so you know like these are a bunch of share funnels that I have so you can really have as many as you want so what you'll want to do is when you have a share funnel can't just start running traffic to that funnel right away or using that funnel for your own business right away there's some a couple of things that you're gonna have to change in order to make that funnel your own right so let's go through a couple of those things that we'd have to change so once you click on the funnel everything imported you know this is all imported right into your click funnels account this is something that somebody else made and now you have it so the first thing you're going to want to do is go to settings and then once you're in settings you're going to want to add whatever your domain is because all of these shared files are going to be set up for the other person's information it's going to have all their information already pre-populated in you know for what they were using it for so if you wanted to add your own custom domain any tags within your closed account so you know what your going to be using it for what it is it's easy to find the name of the actual funnel if you want to name it something else and then you know the path of the phone that you want to have within the URL name and then body tracking code and this is for like if you're going to be running fate than one example this is if you're going to be running like Facebook ads and you wanted to put your Facebook pixel code in here for like retargeting purposes or Facebook ad purposes you know to track that data on your pixel of people coming to this funnel you would do is you would paste that code right in here when you get this if somebody else is doing that their code will begin there obviously you don't want your info to track on their pixel so you would just go in there and change that SMTP configuration is going to be like if you have an email autoresponder set up to this funnel and you're gonna be sending out like automated emails and stuff click funnels has plenty of tutorial videos on SMTP configuration that I'm not going to show you that in this video but if you wanted to change that that's where you would do it and then also if you now want it to share this funnel with somebody else also in settings you would just copy this copy and paste this link to give to somebody this is the URL to now share this funnel with somebody else and then when you're done with all that we just come click Save and update settings and that's pretty much it for that so then some other things you're going to want to change on the actual funnel page is go to edit page and what you're going to want to do is in the individual page you're going to want to go to settings and then integrations will be if you wanted to integrate this with an email autoresponder you know because if you have an email opt-in page on your funnel page you want these names and emails to go into your email us not into the person that shared the funnel with you right so you have to set up all these integrations for yours whether you're using at genetics within click funnels MailChimp you know get respond there's a ton of email autoresponders whatever it is that you're using and have within click funnels that's where you're gonna want to change that because like this page has an email opt-in page so obviously if I had imported you know I imported this funnel and now I want to use it for my business or you know for my marketing I want to get those email addresses on my email list so the next thing is you're going to go to SEO metadata and you're just going to want to change the title and the description and everything for whatever you want it to be and then this will be like you know the image that will appear things like that like you want all of that to match whatever it is you want so what you know the funnel that you're importing these things may all have been set by the person that created the funnel and this may not be exactly what you want to use so you'll have to come in here and change if you want to change the title the description of what the page is about any keywords the author and then you know the image that you would like to use so another thing is tracking code this is kind of the same thing as on the the main settings page but you can put you know you can obviously track different conversions on each page so if you had a pixel that you wanted to track specifically for like if you had a custom conversion specifically for email opt-ins and you wanted to put that code in here you could do the header code for just this page and that's where you would put that in so if somebody had a code like that already you would just take theirs out and replace yours right in there so that's pretty much it for that one more thing real quick is for the for any buttons that you have on your page you want to make sure that all this stuff is linking or doing what you to do so like right now this is when somebody puts in their name and email it submits them to the next page in the funnel so if you want it to like take steps out of the funnel or add steps you could just change anything really on this button you would just click on it and then under settings you would click set action and then you can either have the email submitted into your it's your email list once you set that up within the integrations like we just looked at you could open a pop-up you could go to another website URL you could just go right to the next step in the funnel if you didn't want to have an email opt-in you can really edit this and change it around for whatever you want to do so that's how you would change anything in there and then that would really apply to any buttons throughout the funnel so like even on let's take a look at the next page real quick then obviously you would save all your changes before you leave so the second page of this funnel we'll take a look okay so like this has if you have a page it has like a video you would want to obviously if you're going to use a different video if you're going to use the same video that's already and the follow just leave it the same but if you were going to use a different video you could come in here and if it's a YouTube video you would just copy and paste the YouTube URL right into there or if you're going to use like Vimeo or anything else like that or just you know in do a cut like an embed of the video right onto the page you would do all that right in there if you needed to change the video and then you know like this is a lead generation funnel so there's a button to take someone to a calendly page to schedule an appointment but obviously if you needed to change that specific URL for your own calendly page or if this was for a purchase or whatever it's for if you need to change that link it's the same thing to just click on the button go right in to set action and then you could change the URL or if there if you want to add another step to the funnel or just you know whatever the case is you just go in there right there and change all that stuff so those are all things that you want to make sure that you change within a share funnel before you actually start using it for whatever it is that you're going to use it for because obviously you know we talked about we want you know you want that funnel to now be you know have a pathway for from your domain you want to make sure that any pertinent pixel Facebook pixel information you know your your pixel code is on that page and not the other person's any SEO meta tags are in there properly you know for things that you want to appear you know SMTP configuration if you do have an email autoresponder setup and you're gonna be collecting you know email addresses and running an email drip campaign or anything like that and then all of the buttons and videos you know throughout the funnel you want to make sure that those are all things that you want to be using you know like I showed you they're very easy to change and then obviously to if you want it to change any of the text or images on any of these funnel pages you can just go right in there and edit anything at all that you want but I really just wanted to show you the specific things that a lot of people do overlook when they import a share funnel before they actually start using it you want to make sure that all of those things actually apply to you before you start sending traffic to it and then adding email address to other people's lists or getting you know putting data on somebody else's Facebook pixel other than your own all that kind of stuff so what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna give a couple of share funnels for all different stuff you know I'll put this one in the video as well this is like a retirement planning funnel for teachers because one of my businesses I'm an insurance broker so I do you know life insurance and annuities and stuff like that so this was a lead generation funnel for that so if anybody on here is in the insurance business and is interested in an annuity lead generation funnel I will put the link to this share funnel in below and then I'm also going to put some other ones in there like you know I have a bunch I'll do like an affiliate marketing one maybe like an e-commerce one I'll just do like a handful I'll put the links in the description below the video it's all the different share funnels and I'll say what they're for like e-commerce or affiliate marketing and you just go right ahead and you know take those funnels and import them and you know make them your own so I hope this video is helpful if it was please give this video a like drop a comment below if you have any questions or comments about clickfunnels shared funnels or using them or you know anything at all drop comment below and then of course if you're not already subscribed to the channel please go ahead and subscribe putting out new videos all the time about how to grow you know your businesses online and make more money with different online marketing techniques so once again thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next one


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