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The other day I was on the clickfunnels forum and someone had mentioned you know should I use WordPress for my lead capture forms and funnels or should I use click funnels for my lead capture forms and funnels and I was like well you know here's the truth I use both and in the past I've been very adamant about controlling all of my content and building everything from scratch and hosting everything on my domain but I have concluded that I have one exception and it is my happy medium which is marrying WordPress with click funnels now I'll do another video actually sharing my feelings and thoughts about you know using click funnels at Forli capture pages and funnels over WordPress and you can decide what's right for you but in this video I'm gonna show you how I connected my click funnels API to WordPress so that I can still have that feeling that or that yeah that feel that my click funnels lead capture pages are actually branching from my website by using the click funnels integration plug-in so that's what this video will be about so if you are interested in learning how to basically you know if click funnels and WordPress had a baby what would it look like then keep on watching [Music] okay guys and gals well thank you so much for watching my video i truly appreciate you being here let's just just jump into the content after you like this video and subscribe to my channel i truly appreciate it so yeah let's just go ahead and jump right in so as you can see right here we are on my website again you can visit that at WWF Barbie Figueroa online okay now right here when you look I have these training academies right these are training videos that lead to my courses I've actually created funnels for my courses and I use click funnels to do it so let's go ahead and go to color branding for beginners okay now this is a click funnels page okay so it's got its click funnels you know visually I just can't argue with click files man they're there look is so much cleaner it's so much you know I feel like it's more solid it's just it's just a cleaner cleaner look and if you've worked at clickfunnels and and you know anything about you know design I think you know what I mean it just feels cleaner more put-together more professional the the way that it works is just I don't know I just love it to me it's just visually appealing to me it just looks more put together more high-end okay these lead capture pages are actually look like they're coming from my website but they're not part of my website okay and if you go to the browser it looks like they're coming from Barbie Figueroa online backslash whatever the name of the course is okay or whatever the name of the capture page is so if you want to integrate that all you have to do is go into your back-office panel which I'm going to do right now I'm going to go to let me open up my window a little bit so you can see what I'm doing okay let me go ahead and go inside my back office and I'm gonna show you exactly how you integrate cook files with WordPress all right so let's go to the dashboard real quick go to plugins all right so what you're gonna do is you're gonna go to the plugins and you are going to come here you're going to go to the search area you're gonna go to click funnels and my Mac wants to separate it No thank you okay and you'll see it here I already have it activated all right but what it'll do it'll say kind of click funnels to your account with a simple authorization key all right now you could just go ahead and mine's activated so you'll just go and activate it from here okay and once you activate it you will see it right in here right here okay so let's go to click funnel so go ahead find it and click activate now you are going to need to go to the settings and you have to create you have to go and put your API okay and I'm blurring mine out so you just you have to put your API okay so how do you go to your API you go to click funnels okay so here's my dashboard go to click funnels you're gonna go to my accounts and then you're gonna go here to WordPress API ok and right in here boom you're gonna get your key ok so you're gonna grab that key you're gonna copy that key and you're gonna paste it into here and click Save Settings alright so then you're gonna go and you're gonna click on cap compatibility check everything's gonna check everything's gonna be fine you know everything's gonna check through and you're good to go and then we're gonna go to the general settings and this is just so like if you want to further customize so you could either download a display you can embed the full-page iframe or you can redirect to clickfunnels if you want to make it look like your page is coming from your website you must click download and display let me show you what I'm talking ok let's go to Barbie fear online whoops and we're gonna go to color color branding for beginners okay now the reason why it looks like it's on my domain you see how it looks like it's not my domain if I would have checked redirect it would have gone it would afford it to you know my clickfunnels subdomains so if you want to look like it's on your website you must choose this option download and display ok save all your settings alright now so let's go ahead and add a new page okay so we want to create something like this okay we want to do that and we want to create it click funnel so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to the click funnels you have to be in the click funnels section and you're gonna go add new okay now also keep in mind you can you know SEO this or whatever you can put you know like if you wanna you know rank for a keyword you can you could do that by by fixing the title I'm gonna show how to do that right now so it's a regular page okay and I want to choose what funnel you see these are funnels that you've that you've created and click funnels these are lead capture pages that you've created it click funnels okay so what we want to do is we want to choose the one that we want to send it to so I'm just gonna go ahead and I'm gonna set it to 30 minute lead magnet okay which is one of the courses that I created then we're gonna go here and we're gonna cut we're gonna give it a name so let's just say best lead capture software review now you see this is what the page is gonna be called you see it's gonna say Barbie for girl online best lead capture page software review alright so you just go ahead and you save the page and now it will assign a page to that page and click files okay but this is the bridge you have to do it through here you have to do it through here okay so let's go ahead and put this let's just go ahead and copy this and paste it into our browser and you will see that now even though it looks like it's on my domain right it is actually click a click files page so let's go ahead and check it out so here we go here is my lead capture page ok this is click files alright so that is how that works so if you want your clickfunnels lead capture pages to appear that they are coming off your domain without having to map your domain and do a sub domain and all that stuff this is the easiest way to do it and I think it's great it's a great you know solution and you can just go and click Edit click funnels and you can go directly to your account right from here and it'll take you right into your click funnels account to update your update your lead capture pages once you save them it will all update across the board ok so hopefully that helped you so if you're looking for a way to marry WordPress plus your click funnels lead capture pages or your funnels then this is a great great option to do it so if you like this video if you learned something from this video if it gave you an aha moment please go ahead and like this video and subscribe to my channel and if you have any questions regarding WordPress and click funnels please go ahead and leave your comments in the comment section below and I will make sure to get back to you with an answer and if you haven't signed up with clickfunnels already and you want to use my link for click funnels hate I totally appreciate it I'll have that link down below that way if you have any questions you can go ahead and I'll be more than happy to help you with that so yeah this has been Barbie Figueroa thank you so much for watching i truly appreciate you make sure to visit my website at www.decksdirect-dot-com


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