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the purpose of this article  is another integration video it's an integration with zapier into one of your funnels hi guys this is one of almost six plus hours of videos I've added and my ultimate guide to click funnels course in the course I cover everything you ever thought you wanted to know about click funnels including an introduction to click funnels the click funnels layout including funnel editor and email editor any integration you would ever want or need to use with foot funnels from payment processors to autoresponders to analytics to the Facebook ad pixel plus I also cover the 22 different funnels that exist that could be giving your business the foundation it needs to succeed and I cover exactly how click funnels fits into your business and any course about click funnels couldn't be complete unless it covered how to use other people's products to do affiliate marketing with click funnels I sell this course for one hundred and ninety seven dollars on CF ultimate guide com / ultimate guide to click funnels course but you can see how you can get this course valued at one hundred and ninety seven dollars for free when you sign up for click funnels today by visiting CF ultimate guide com / free 14-day trial or by clicking the affiliate link in the description below thanks everyone and good luck with your funnel and marketing efforts in your business if you retrieve a contact from one of your funnels let's say somebody signs up for something you're giving away or for a special offer or they just purchase something and you got their contact info and you want to send that over to Google Drive spreadsheet well you can do that automatically with zapier so zapier has tons of integrations with it and they have thousands of different pieces of software so if you want you can look on their website this is zapier apps integrations and you could search through here but basically the point of zapier is to connect one piece of software to another piece of software and click funnels is in zapier and you can connect clickfunnels to any one of these other applications you just have to set up what they call the zap yourself but there are some pre-constructed zaps that you can just automatically use and I'm going to show you where to do that with within clickfunnels but for me I've got the you'll see here I've got the free plan and if you want you can upgrade but you can set up a zap it with the free plan and you can have clickfunnels sending data to a Google Drive spreadsheet automatically for you with a zap connected now this could be helpful like what would be the purpose of doing something like that like what are you gonna use that for later well you can use that for any number of things later on but one big thing that people normally do is they'll they'll take a list that they get from clickfunnels and they'll take all the emails that they got and they'll export them and they'll take them over to Facebook and they'll start advertising to them on Facebook because you can build audiences on Facebook and you could build like custom audiences where you're targeting your you're running ads directly to those users who have given you their email address or you are running ads to a look-alike audience for users who have given you their email address either through signing up for something or making a purchase so it's very useful and it saves you a lot of time so you don't have to go automatically do that you don't have to go manually do this later so we're on the dashboard here and I'm just going to go to funnels and we're gonna go then to one of the funnels that I have and then so this is the funnel page for one of the funnels I have and then to get to look and see at the zapier integrations and to do this very quickly within clickfunnels just go to settings and then down here you can see there's a zapier option and this in in this particular case I just want to add new click funnels contacts to the Google to Google Drive sheets so that's what this these icons are for this is for click funnels obviously and this is for Google Drive so this is the Zap I want to use and of course these two look similar but this one is for orders and this one's for contacts so I'm gonna do the one with zaps some of I'm going to reload I sort of went through this already on my own so I could verify how it all worked but it's loading zapier right now so again give it a just a second while it loads I'm gonna close this all together and try again refresh all right so here it is it's coming in so it's got my click funnels icon my Google Drive sheets icon and this is exactly what I want I do want to create this app you saw on the other tab that I had open that I'm already logged in so it knows I'm it knows who I am and so yeah I want to take new contact in activity from click funnels so so I'm gonna select that and then search your click funnels accounts I've already connected an account let me see if I can remove accounts so I can do this all the way from scratch connected accounts here we go so I accidentally connected the same account twice I'm just going to disconnect really disconnect yes really disconnect and so then this way we can see this from scratch let me see if I can refresh this by any chance to stay on the same page if not I'll just start the zap over ok so here we are this is like as if you have not connected an account at all for clickfunnels so I'll say yes connect an account and since I'm logged into clickfunnels it automatically logs in and I can test and yes it says that it's successful so I'm gonna save and continue and okay so I want to see Advanced Options set up a click funnels contact so which funnel should we watch for new contacts so they can watch either all funnels which is very helpful or they can watch a particular funnel let's go ahead and pull in the particular funnel that we're looking at right so the one we're looking at is the dot-com secrets bridge page and we want them to look only at the opt-in page the opt-in funnel step so that's it I just want this one funnel to send over to the Google Drive sheet now it looks like they could do it with almost any of the funnels on almost any funnel step and they'll look they'll just watch it to see if there's anything that's coming in but this is what I want I just wanted to do one okay so then it says make sure I have at least one contact created and make sure it app matches the trigger options I picked below so the trigger options were related to contact activity and specifically that for the funnel and for this funnel and for this funnel step so I'm going to say fetch and continue so I can confirm that this is gonna work now I wanted to show my Google Drive spreadsheet so that we could watch the the contact come in so the test was successful I'm gonna view the contact look at all this information that clickfunnels just gives you on a contact if it's available so you could literally save any one of these fields to your Google Drive sheet especially if it's populated you could even save it if it wasn't populated but of course it makes sense in our case we are just trying to make sure that one piece is populated okay I don't need any of this right now I just wanted to look at it so I'm gonna continue alright so I'm gonna create a spreadsheet row this is the action that Google is gonna take right so clickfunnels had a trigger based on the contact activity and now this is the action that Google is going to take they're gonna create a spreadsheet row and I've already connected my Google Drive to this just like I did with clickfunnels it just had me login so similar setup you just connect your Google Drive account to your two zapier here so let's continue forward save and continue okay so which spreadsheet do we want to add it to it's looking up the spreadsheets that are part of this test so I want the clickfunnels app test that's the one we see right here and then the worksheet is sheet 1 so I can create multiple worksheets on here but I only want it on sheet 1 and then it's going to give me the option to select as we're testing here what to add to the spreadsheet so I've selected them I just came over here and click the plus icon on both of these and then I click continue and watch this whenever I click continue this is going to get populated ok it will get populated when I click send test to Google sheets so here goes boom so I didn't do anything zap you're automatically sent it over and it will from here on out whenever somebody signs up on the dot-com funnel on secrets funnel bridge or a bridge funnel so my zap has turned on I could either make another zap or see it on my dashboard and that's all I needed to do so I don't have to do anything else I'm going to close this out and now I have this click funnels and Google Drive zap turned on and connected so anytime I were to add another contact to that funnel so if I'm back here and I copy the URL to clipboard load this page send the report so Brad test and one of my emails then I say click to sign up it will submit and it should come over here I know zapier tests I think once every two minutes so we'll just sit here for a second see if it comes over here all right we'll sit here and wait probably just for a minute and let's see what we have for integrations I'm gonna go look at zapier real quick see if there's any way we can tell and I might look at settings real quick as well let's look at settings on zapier to see how often they are supposed to check and see if something's supposed to come over all right so we can see that's turned on I'm still I know that there's a time setting that I'm looking for so give me just a second here let's look at this together oh it popped in automatically I couldn't find the setting but you see it wasn't instant but zapier does a periodic check I think I like I said I think it's like once every two minutes and I saw that in here somewhere and I'm just I can't find it anymore I know there's a setting I think you can check more or less more frequently or less frequently and it will pull any new information in so yeah the time delay right now isn't important you saw how quick it was it was just a tiny bit of a delay but yeah we got to see a pop populate while we were sitting here waiting for it so so that's all we have for the clickfunnels a pure integration and that's how to do zapier within clickfunnels thanks guys I'll see you in the next video hey guys so I wanted to follow up real quick and show you exactly where or how long the polling lasts I found it on zapier and they said all updates this is their polling trigger so they pull the application every once in a while they will check with clickfunnels and they say they do it in 5 or 15 minute windows and they that's how frequently they pull and then you can they say they do that based on your subscription plan so determined by your SAP your subscription plan and if you look at the options besides free they pull every 15 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes so this is is so it's completely dependent upon your plan and if you do free obviously we saw it just happened to hit right when we were looking at it so it probably would wait for the free plan I would guess 15 minutes after the most recent poll and they just check back in with clickfunnels to see if any new data is there and if it is there then they bring it in if nothing is knuth and they leave it alone so so that's it I didn't want to leave that hanging I just wanted to give you guys all the data I could and I'll see you guys in the next video


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