Suddenly Unemployed Because of Covid-19? This Is What You Should Do Next


Suddenly Unemployed Because of Covid-19? This Is What You Should Do Next

Being unemployed during the pandemic isn’t the worst thing that can happen, but it certainly makes things difficult. You probably feel defeated and don’t know what to do. Don’t let your emotions control what you do next. Here are some things you can do to try and overcome these challenges. 

Filed for Unemployment

One of the first things you should do after losing your job during this pandemic is to file for unemployment. The US Congress just passed another $900 billion Covid relief package. By applying for unemployment you could get a direct check of $600 and $300 per week for unemployment insurance. The bill also includes other measures to help business owners, the healthcare sector, and the sectors most impacted by the pandemic. 

The government understands that it is a difficult time for everyone and it is doing what it can to help. You should definitely take advantage of this benefit to survive while you find another job. If you have people depending on you, it probably isn’t enough money for all your expenses, but it will still be a huge help. 

Update Your Resume

The next step should be to find another job as soon as possible. However, if you spent many years on your last job, chances are that your resume is outdated. You can start by changing the format. Editing all the information to eliminate the job experiences that aren’t relevant anymore is a must. 

Also, you can research what formats are popular nowadays. There are many online platforms that give your ready-to-use templates where you just have to fill in your information. If you are tech-savvy and want to design it yourself, you can copy popular formats and use your favorite colors. 

For example, something that has become popular is to add a summary section at the beginning of your resume where you highlight the skills or experiences you feel are more relevant for the opening you are applying for. You can also use more modern fonts that make your resume more appealing. Finally, try to make it one page because employers rarely read the entire thing. 

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Learn New Skills

The next step is to make yourself stand out from other candidates. You can do that by learning new skills that are in high demand in your sector. Maybe there is a new software or platform that companies are using or other skills that will expand the number of positions you can apply to. Depending on the skills, you can sometimes learn them for free with resources available on the Internet.

However, if you have some money to spare, the best way to invest it is by spending on your education and further development. You can choose between thousands of options, from online learning to different schools in your city. Nowadays there is an online course, book, or video about almost anything you want to learn.

Look for Temporary Opportunities

In the beginning, it can be hard to find a full-time long-term position. Be flexible and look for temporary positions too. Ultimately, it will look better in your curriculum to have three months in a temporary position than three months looking for a new job. Plus, you will broaden your network and they could have a job opportunity for you. 

Also, you can look for side gigs that can complement your income while finding a stable job. Things like being a delivery driver or doing some freelance jobs will be a huge help. Start with the skills you have that could be used in freelance gigs. For example, maybe you are good at personal financing—offer your services online, or to friends and family for some extra money. 

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Consider a Career Change

The last piece of advice is to consider a career change. If your sector is suffering a huge impact from the pandemic, this situation will probably continue well into next year. Thus, instead of trying to find new jobs in a sector that is dying, consider a change to an industry that is thriving. 

For example, the tech industry is one of the few that were resilient to the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost all professions are in demand and the sector has other benefits like great salaries and benefits. Plus, you can become a tech professional without a degree.  

In Summary

Don’t let stress, anxiety, and the uncertainty of this pandemic bring you down. Instead, file for unemployment benefits, update your resume to make it ready for the market, learn new skills, and be flexible with job opportunities. At last, if everything fails, consider a career change to a sector with a better outlook for the future. 


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