Example of a click funnel

 Sure, here's an example of a basic click funnel :

1. **Ad or Social Media Post:** Imagine you see an ad on Facebook for a free e-book about healthy eating habits. You're intrigued, so you click on the ad.

2. **Opt-In Page (Landing Page):** Clicking the ad takes you to a landing page where you're prompted to enter your email address to receive the free e-book. The page highlights the benefits of the e-book and emphasizes the value of the information.

3. **Thank You Page:** After entering your email address, you're redirected to a thank you page that confirms your subscription and informs you that the e-book will arrive in your inbox shortly. Here, there might be additional offers or information provided, like a limited-time discount on a related product or a video series on healthy cooking.

4. **Email Follow-Up:** In your inbox, you receive the promised e-book along with a series of follow-up emails. These emails could contain more valuable content related to healthy eating, testimonials, or further offers for related products like a meal planning app or a cooking course.

5. **Sales Page:** Eventually, you might receive an email promoting a special offer for a comprehensive nutrition guide. Clicking the link takes you to a sales page that details the guide's contents, testimonials, and a call-to-action to purchase.

6. **Checkout Page:** If you decide to buy the nutrition guide, you're directed to a checkout page where you enter your payment details and complete the purchase.

7. **Thank You and Confirmation:** After the purchase is made, you're directed to a thank you page that confirms your purchase and might provide next steps, like accessing the guide or joining a community of like-minded individuals interested in healthy living.

This sequence of steps, from the initial ad click to the purchase confirmation, constitutes a basic click funnel. Its purpose is to guide potential customers through a series of steps designed to build interest, provide value, and ultimately convert leads into paying customers.


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